Monday, July 21, 2008

I have no idea why I get so nervous! 4 rookie mistakes!

Okay I get nervous when I go to run my deals.. every time.... I *always* walk up to the cashier and apologize like 15 times and tell them I'm new to this and I'm trying my best to make the deals work the right way and everything.. they always say "oh it's no big deal, don't worry, if you have questions just ask etc" and almost every time I walk up and there is not one person in the store and there is no line.. sure enough I place 1 item up and there is a line of 8 people behind me. grrr.. anyway.. here is my list of CVs deals for the week which I of course.. screwed up a little.. grr...

transaction 1
1 clean & clear daily purifying $4.69
2 clean & clear foam $3.49 each
1 clean & clear shine clean $5.99

$3/$15 coupon
4 2 coupons

Total $7.22 OMG I followed another bloggers deal but not to the letter and I have no clue what I did wrong.. then ROOKIE MISTAKE 2 I didn't use any ECBS from last week.. I have no clue why.. I get all weird and nervous! so weird. I had $4 in ECBs I could have used (I had another $10 ECB I obviously couldn't use, but I'm new to this so I didn't have much.. but still I could have saved $4 on this deal)

I did get my $5 ECB

3 glade refills (plug in) $2.49 each
2 Loreal color vive shampoo/conditioner $4.99/B1G1
4 Trident gums $1.49 B1G1
1 CVS make up towelettes $2.99

Yeah so I hand her all my coupons and for some reason I figured the B2G1 glade coupon would work for plug ins because the ECB was for plug ins or the candles.. yeah she wouldn't take it.. which was ROOKIE MISTAKE 3 so I had already given her the $3/$15 coupon and already run in my B1G1 free shampoo/conditioner coupon sooooo I asked her to ake the glades off.. and she got down to the last one and I said "wait don't take that off.. it will be negative" so she didn't and my total was $1.10! lol!

Got my $5 in ECBs (is that right?) and on to my next fumble.. I mean transaction.

attempt #3
2 packages of diapers 2/$12
2 packages of baby wipes 2/$12

$3/15 coupon
$11 in ECBS

Total was $2.20 and for my FINALE of Rookie mistakes.. I bring you ROOKIE MISTAKE #4 OF THE DAY which was... NOT REALIZING THAT I HAD SEVERAL $2/$10 CVS PRODUCT PURCHASE COUPONS WHICH I PRINTED RIGHT ONE AT CVS JUST 15 MINUTES PRIOR.. UGHHHH *sigh* I have to go throw up now.

Got my $5 ECB's.. oh well.

I never took pics either and I already gave the diapers/wipes to my neighbor who I bought them for (no babies here).


Centsible Savings said...

Hey, it's okay! I still get nervous because there's just so much to remember, and I still mess up sometimes. Just be happy that you're still getting this stuff for way cheaper thn if you had to go buy it somewhere else!

Rini said...

I get nervous, too. I'm pretty new to this, and so I'm still trying to figure out how many coupons I can use and how they stack up. For some reason I'm terrified of being told I can't do something. I guess I'm afraid they'll treat me like I'm stealing from them if I don't get it just right..

Anyway, you're not the only one. :)

Kristin said...

I completely understand how you feel. I have been doing this since the end of April and I still get terribly nervous. I've always had a bit of social anxiety, so this is not easy for me. Couponing saves my family a ton of money, so I make myself keep up with it. I love it when I get a great deal, but boy is it nerve-racking. I can feel my stomach tense up and my whole body get jumpy within blocks of the store. It's terrible. I've made mistakes before because of it, too.