Thursday, July 17, 2008


Okay.. I've started a new (well new to me) hobby.. they call it hounding.. they meaning.. any ladies on the WIR (women in red MSN threads) grocery challenge etc.. basically it's finding deals on things that you can get for $1 or under, FREE, or best of all THEY PAY YOU TO TAKE!! woot! So I've gotten to be not as good as I could be, but I'm getting better. Yesterday I went to Walgreens and got $50.32 worth of products for $4.77.. not bad.. this included things from Powerade, to toothpaste, to lysol, razors, pudding, tampons.. you name it.. and tomorrow I'll be out again bright and early because wooahhhaaazzzmeeee we are out of milk.. and MILK IS FREE AT JEWEL STARTING TOMORROW.. so me and my trusty coupons will be out buying 5/$10 boxes of GM cereal.. but with our coupons we will only be spending $6 for those 5 boxes of cereal.. and we'll get the milk for free.. how does that saying go.. why buy the cow when you get the milk for free.. shit.. that should have been the name of my blog! duhhh..

Okay.. so tonight my son and nephew begged me to drive them up to my sisters house to pick up my nephews mouse for his lap top (weird I know) but I refuse to even start a car unless I have a purpose.. ohh the 24 hour CVS and Super Wal-Mart are a purpose.. so I made a deal.. so they agreed and off with my coupons and little spiral notebook we went.

These are my CVS deals.. I had 3 transactions planned however I'm waiting for some coupons to be mailed to me (trades rule) so I just did two tonight.

3 Sally Hansen nail polish 99 cents each
CVS makeup toweletts 15 count $2.99
speedstick $3.99
CVS antibacterial pen spray
2 Glucerna snack bars $4.89 each
2 CVS Gold Emblem mini bags of pretzels 69 cents each

$2 off CVS skincare product
$1 off CVS gold emblum snack
$10 off 2 Glucerna snack bars (they only gave me $9.78 for)
some misc $1.98 coupon I can't even identify I think it was for the nail polish becasuse I gave him a $3/2 but I bought 3 to cover the fee..??

my total was $5.78 with tax

I got back $3 in ECBS and forgot to give them the coupon for the free antibacterial pen spray..

excederin back care $4.79
excederin PM $5.29
excederin extra $4.79
gas-x thin strips $5.69

$1.79 from above transaction he just put it on this.. cool
$1 gas x
3 $2 excederin coupons
2 $3 ECBS

Total was $1.92 with tax and I got $10 in ECBS PLUS I'll mail in a refund for $4.79 for the excederin back and body. So roughly tonight I made $11 on all those products! well.. really $5 because I used $6 ECBS from before.. but I brought home $13 in ECBS!!