Friday, July 25, 2008

coupon JACKPOT!

Well I'm going to have to add Dollar General to the list of stores I "hound" in because I found a ton of manufacturers coupons inside one of their stores today. Good coupons at that!! Some of them actually have the Dollar General logo BUT they are manufacturer coupons so they should be good at any store right???

Anyway.. here is what I got.

$1 off any two Old Spice deodorant or body wash ex 8/31/08 (no size specified)
$1 off any one pantene pro-v exp 8/31/08 (no size specified)
$1 off any one head and shoulders exp 8/31/09 (no size specified)
$1 off any one Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner 8/31 (NSS)
$1 off any two secret deoderant 8/31 (NSS)
$2 off wyb $6 worth of sauve and/or q-tip products 8/31
$1 off any two Olay body wash or bar soap 8/31 (NSS)
$1 off any one TAG exp 8/31 (NSS)

WAGS has similar coupons that were on tear pads and also manufacturer coupons
$1 off 3 Powerades
$1 off 2 Full Throttle