Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's my birthday... ♪ dah dah dah dah dah dah ♪

sooo I awoke this morning and was super groggy.. I spent yesterday most of the day in bed, puking, and generally feeling cruddy. I had to cancel my birthday dinner with my family which I was pretty upset about because we were going to Texas De Brazil one of my favorite restaurants. anyway.. my phone was going bezerk with texts coming in since 6am (I woke up at 8am) and so I finally rolled over and started reading them. The last one was from my neighbor saying to call her ASAP because she had a huge favor to ask me.

I take my dog out and he's barking at what I didn't know. I bring him in, feed him and his sister the cat, go potty myself. I was super dehydrated and thirsty so I decided to make myself some orange juice. There was a rapping on the door like 2 sips into my OJ and my husband says "who could that be right now" so I told him it was probably my neighbor who had texted me only 15 minutes before. I answer the door in my robe and she was standing at the door sobbing and asked me to drive her to the dr. No problem, I'll get showered/dressed be over in a few minutes.

Off to the dr we go then the pharmacy and back home. Long story short, she's been ill for over 2 years now and now on top of what has been going on she got a super bad cold and hasn't slept in days because of her meds mixed with whatever cough medicine she's been taking. The dr gave her new cough medicine, some sleeping pills, and a new prescription for something else. So it was a good day for her, she's just exhausted so I'm hoping she's sleeping right now.

I came back and my husband had a gift for me!! THIIIISSS!

AND FOR ALL YOU FRUGAL FOLKS he got it FREE!! That's right, he saved up points and got it for free! So I like it DOUBLE! lol! It's one of those groovy digital picture frames but it also plays video and music! super cool!

After the dr/pharmacy I walked one of my neighbors dogs and then came home, printed out my Noodles & Co free birthday lunch coupon, put together a small CVS run (thank god for I heart cvs dot com), and off we went.

Had a really great FREE lunch (well we had to pay for my husbands meal, no biggie it was still nice) then walked across the parking lot to CVS! ohhh yeah! First time my husband has seen me in coupon action! lol!

♥2/$5 Colgate TP (one kid, one Total) used one $1.50 coupon from All You
♥Covergirl clean make up $5.49 used $1 coupon from last weekends paper
♥Gillette Fusion power $9.99 used $4 coupon from last weekends paper

$3/$15 and a $10 ECB, total OOP was $1.73 (I thought it would be 73 cents but I miscalculated, but still a great deal!). I earned $5.49 ECB for Covergirl, $5 for the Gillette, $2 for Colgate, $2 from Summer savings.. check out my receipt!

I got a $25 switch your presciption coupon (I don't have any prescriptions right now though..) and a $10/$50 coupon that expires on 10/16. I have $27 in ECBS so I'm going to have to sit down and figure out a deal where I can get at least $25 or more ECBS back. I'm excited. I'll have to work on that next week because I still haven't hit K-Mart to DOUBLE COUPON, no time! lol! Also my neighborhood grocery store is having great 10/$10 deal but also every time you spend $10 you get $3 off! So I gotta work those deals before next week as well!

Okay, next we went to Target to fix my fiasco from last week
I talked about here and they refunded my $9.44!! So I had remembered to use my $5 GC (which I used for cereal anyway) and gotten the correct prices that trip would have been like $25. Wow big difference from $40!

After that my husband wanted to go look at new phones because he hasn't gotten a new phone in over 5 YEARS! yes, no kidding. His work paid for them so he used to get hand me downs from the engineers! lol! I stopped at Caribou Coffee because I'm PMSing and it's my birthday and I wanted dessert! lol!

We got home and I got my mail and more surprises awaited me!! lookie lookie!

♥astroglide sample
♥free carthart hat
♥mints from shoppers but had an advertisement for the Ford Flex
♥mineral make up I ordered paid $3.13 for shipping
again it seems like I got more but I can't remember what else I got! lol!

Okay so all in all, combined with all this, and cyber birthday wishes along with snail mail cards I've had a pretty great birthday!!


Cassie said...


jskell911 said...

Happy Birthday! I am so sorry that you were sick for your special day. I am glad hubby was able to work in a special (and FREE too) surprise for you.

Dr. Mom said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you are feeling better! It's not fun being sick on your birthday.

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Kathie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Glad to see your husband saw you in coupon action. Mine has yet to but i cant wait til he does.
I also had an AWESOME mail day. LOVE it!

let us know how you like the mineral makeup. I LOVE EM and have been their loyal customer for over three years. :)

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday sister!! Hope you are feeling better today! Thanks for the envelope full of goodies!! Your the best!!

*Hippie* said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

You had an awesome day it sounds like!!!! I LOVE the photo frame!!! How cool!!!

Jennifer said...

My mom works at K-Mart & she said a woman got $250 worth of stuff for $17. I'm hoping to find some good deals. I'm getting my coupons in order right now. What a task!!!

frugalsuz said...

Happy Birthday! It stinks that you weren't feeling your best but man, look at all those freebies! How great it is that your hubbie is into free stuff too? :)

Precious said...


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I am so sorry I mised it on that day. All great people were born in October! :-)