Thursday, October 30, 2008


I decided I needed to go back to K-Mart yesterday.. however.. fitting into my schedule was another story. I woke up to my cell phone ringing over and over around 7:40am. It was my son's dad telling me I had to go pick our son up from school. He was a very sick baby, wound up having 3 brain surgeries, and now when a headache hits we have to be very cautious. Of course I had already planned my day because I had to take out a neighbors dog then go babysit a friends kids while she went for physical therapy.. well how am I going to do both and not drive back and forth??

Luckily my friend and my son's school are very close to one another which happens to be a 40 minute drive for me. So I took a shower, went to let the neighbor dog out with plans to come back after her physical therapy to let the dog out again at 2pm. So I get up there, go to my mom's.. ohh I forgot to mention my car has been acting up.. I have all sorts of issues with my car but the new one.. My car likes to keep the key hostage in the ignition!! nice.. so between picking up my son and babysitting I had to go figure out how to flip around cars in my family (thank god we have so many extras.. but my extra can't be driven in cold weather it's a 1978 928 Porsche with no heat and Antique plates) so I did that, took my car to the mechanic, drove my mom back home, grabbed lunch for my son/myself, and headed to my friends house. He actually felt good enough to read to one of the kids and helped me some. Then after that I got him back home and then I raced back home to grab the dog.

I got home and realized I had to pay a credit card bill which I pay off every month. We only use it for purchasing on line items and bigger ticket items now that we've paid off all of our debt WOOT! So I went on line, paid it, and then logged on to my bank account to figure out I didn't get my unemployment check.. UGHH run to the mail box sure enough a letter saying it had run out and some other problem had red flagged me (I guess I answered a question wrong on accident) so I had to call unemployment.. thankfully I have a contact person who is very helpful.

In the midst of this my mechanic called along with my sister in law OH and my phone had been almost dead all day! nice huh? So I was waiting for the mechanic to call and had no juice.. I was glad I got home and he hadn't called. I suddenly realized I still had my neighbors dog and it was almost 5pm and she would be home wondering where her dog was! So I called her and let her know, then walked her dog home, and then took my little man for a walk. I come home, my husband was already eating so I made myself some dinner... after that I really wanted to go to K-Mart to work more deals and get my money back from my last trip.

I called my buddy and she was already in route to K-Mart to do the same! lol! I got there and spent about 20 minutes at the service desk with a very nice guy who figured out everything that happened including my one Gillette coupon that did double, my one that never even scanned, and one that scanned but didn't double. (well double making them free so the double should have been $1.50) he gets all done and says "woah this isn't right... it says you are at $20.50" umm I know that can't be right IN FACT I was trying my best to be honest and say things like it doubled here but for the wrong amount so I did get 69 cents of the $1.50 (on the glade spray) but then on another item I got it for free I didn't expect to get for free (the cashier had chosen the wrong glade product) so then add back in 19 cents.. so I figured 60 cents for each glade spray. Anyway.. he figured out that he had doubled something he shouldn't have doubled and my total back was $12.xx that I was happy with!! Yeah customer service guy!! lol!

1 borax sale 3/$9 used $1/1 coupon doubled $1 final price (not bad)
4 Good Bites not sure of actual price coupon gave me $4.99 overage FREEBIE ***
1 zest 3 pack $2.19 used $1/1 coupon doubled 19 cents final price
4 Hershey's Dark Choc bars $1.59 each $1/1 coupon doubled 59 cents FREEBIE
3 Revlon Nail polish $4.19 used $2/1 coupon doubled 19 cents
3 Revlon nail clippers $2.89 used $1/1 doubled 89 cents total
1 Dove Choc bar $2.19? used $1/1 19 cents total
2 tic tac 99 cents each 55 cent coupon doubled 44 cents FREEBIE ***
4 Quaker granola bars $2.59 each? used $1/1 coupons doubled 59 total each
1 Iams cat food used FREEBIE coupon
2 Vaseline mens lotion $2.99 used $1.50 coupon FREEBIE

My total OOP was $5.xx (don't remember) but to get down to that price I had fight with the cashier over almost each coupon.. it was nuts. I gathered that she had gotten in trouble for something coupon related within the last few days because finally after I asked her to call over a manager she made some comment about "not wanting to go back to Mr so and so's office again over coupons". Which is understandable HOWEVER she didn't understand any of their policies, I had to explain them to her AND she was making it out like I was robbing HER personally! It was nuts!

***With the tic tacs she said she couldn't use any more of my coupons because GET THIS "I can not give it to you for free" of course I had just gotten done with the service desk manager who had no issue giving me several items for free with coupons that didn't double or didn't scan, so of course I asked why not. She grabs the sign and points at the tiny print that say "can not exceed the price" UMMMMM 99 CENTS IS THE PRICE IT GAVE ME 99 CENTS THAT IS NOT EXCEEDING. Then she tried the "per purchase" act and I said YES EACH ONE I BUY IS A PURCHASE THIS (opening my arms above my whole cart) IS A TRANSACTION... her response? "that is not what mr so and so told me" umm I have no clue who mr so and so is but obviously either he is misinformed/educated or he didn't explain it to you correctly.

The the Revlon color coupons wouldn't scan, not sure why, and she said point blank "I can't use these" and shoved them back at me "umm why not?" "the computer won't take them I don't know why so they can't be used" yeah call the service manager over.. who of course put them through with no issue. Of course, as soon as he scanned one I realized she had already used one of my Revlon "tool" coupon towards a nail polish because only 2 nail polishes popped up but he made sure that each coupon went through as $2 and doubled at $2 so I'm pretty sure I got the deal I intended.

With all that said/done my coupon buddy did her transaction and we walked out side. As soon as we got outside I looked at my receipt and was laughing my butt off BECAUSE those *** Good Bite dog treats were on sale for under the $4.99 the coupon gave me off! So I guess on those it's okay to exceed huh?


Lisa B. said...

Way to get your money back and stand up for yourself!

Sounds like you had a busy busy day!

Lindsay said...

Yeah girl!!! Congrats on getting out of debt -and for getting your KMART trans fixed!!! Why does it always have to be so difficult huh? :)

Annie's Antics :-) said...

Good for you for getting your money back!

I love how WE have to educate these cashiers on their own stinkin' policies!! Kmart should pay us, eh!? LOL!

Leah W said...


I found a great deal you might find interesting, especially because you can do it quite a few times!

it ends this saturday though