Saturday, October 4, 2008

I have *REFOUND* K-Mart again! lol!

When I was a kid I loved K-Mart! Then as an adult those K-Marts have become more scarce and now there is one in my sisters town and also one in my mom's town. I just never think about shopping there until they finally came out with the DOUBLE COUPON DAYS! I went the other day and had gotten a $2 CRT off 24pk water bottles.. I figured with double coupon days I could get a case of water for free.. and that I did.. I went to the one in my mom's town yesterday and today I went to the one in my sisters town. (they are both not that far it's just yesterday I actually had to go to my parents house)

Anyway.. I was BUSY tonight.. I stopped at 4 stores. I'll do a separate blog for each just to make it easier for everyone to read.. and for myself to not get mixed up! lol! :) I had so much to bring in the house and take pictures of I decided to just set up a card table in the garage and as I took it out of the car set it up, take the pics, then whatever had to go inside I took in right away. Everything else either went right on the shelves in my garage or upstairs to my closest where Christmas gifts go to die or something like that. Anyway, excuse the pics they aren't the best lately, I know...

I wasn't going to go back to K-Mart because I was upset that some of my coupons didn't double from last time and I spent wayyy too much there. But I had the $2 store coupon I talked about and it was close to a WAGS that I love and I could make CVS on the way back.. this trip went much better than my first.

♥28 pack water $3.50 $2 store coupon doubled $1.50 FREEBIE
♥2 Endust $3.29 each $2 coupons doubled $1.29 FREEBIE
♥4 Busy Bones $3.49 each $1.50 coupons doubled 49 cents each
♥2 Face Wash $4.79 each $2 coupons doubled 79 cents each

Also I had gotten a 75 cents OYNO coupon so I used that. My total OOP was $4.19 and I got more CRTS! not bad.


Angie said...

Wow you had a great weekend. I started a blog just for my couponing. You will have to check it out here.