Monday, October 20, 2008

boy, I was seeing RED tonight! ughh ***WARNING*** SEVERE RANT IN THIS POST

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.. YOU CAN'T GO BACK AFTER THIS LINE.. I'M STARTING MY RANT RIGHT..... 3....... 2.........................1..................NOW

ughh!! here goes..

Soooooooo my husband has a round robin poker thing going with our neighbors. Basically the rule is if you host you buy 2 cases of beer and they used to include snacks of some type. They have changed the price of the game and over time it's gone down to $5 for the first game and 2nd game has always been a cash fun game. Anyway.. now the game is back up to $20 for the first game which since I've been unemployed and my husband was down to 32 hours making only $20 a week more than me on unemployment, he's had to bow out and not play for probably months. Well he felt bad because he would play, and go and drink the hosts beer, and could never host due to $$. So one of the last times he played right after he got laid off he told them all "I'll host the first week I get my new job and do pizza and snacks" so one night another guy couldn't host due to a death in his family so Tim offered to host, went and got beer, but of course couldn't do pizza that night. So this week he made a big deal out of hosting, it's not even his turn, but he figures so many of them had to host several weeks in a row because we didn't have the cash, at least he can return the favor on some level.

So last week had a 80% off sale so I bought a $25 certificiate from a local pizza place that we always have bad service at, but I figured if I just ordered pizza's to go that I could get really good pizza for $10-$15. So today I ordered the pizzas at 7:20 they said 25 minutes.. okay.. so I rounded up some coupons and ran to Walgreens while I had some time (I'll post that run later). I leave Wags at 7:45 exactly, the place is less than a mile down the road. I walk in, the girl finds my pizzas, I hand her the certificate and she sorta looks confused.. says just a second, walks back, and comes back with a manager looking type woman who asks me if I had read the certificate. Umm sure.. I read it when I was printing it out last week.. okay why.. She said it's DINE IN ONLY.. ohh geez.

So I was standing there thinking "I'm not paying $40 for pizza.. there is just no way" so I asked if I could sit down and eat some of the pizza and then just take the rest to go and they said NO! Okay.. so the manager hands me the cert back and says "just bring it in another time" like it's no big deal.. So I tell her that I wouldn't ever come to eat there because I have such bad service there in the past and I figured ordering to go was my best option because I do like their food. She starts asking me 20 questions about all my "bad service experiences" which included times I've gone there with good sized groups to the times just my husband and I have eaten there alone.

Finally I shook my head and I said I simply didn't want the pizza's and they said "that's fine" so I left! I get in the car and call my husband and tell him and he acts like no big deal. Okay.. so I get home and I'm feeling bad so I say "why don't you just go grab some from Little Caesars they have $5 ready made pizza's" and he said no. So I had a walking buddy waiting on me so off I went walking. We got back and I still felt bad so I just went to Little Caesars myself and grabbed 3 pizza (2 minutes before they closed) and came home. I walk into my garage and all the guys were super happy BECAUSE NONE OF THEM HAD EATEN BECAUSE MY HUSBAND HAD TEXTED THEM ALL TO SAY "I'M HAVING PIZZA TONIGHT" lol! nice guy huh? he could have told me that before I left to walk! I just would have gone then! or HE could have gone himself like I said! ughhh stupid boys!

So that's not my only rant for the night.... earlier in the night one of our neighbors had stopped by to help my husband set up the poker table. Of course, they were in the garage so *somehow* they got on the subject of my "store" as my husband, the kids, and our neighbors call my stockpile in the garage. So I guess the neighbor grabbed one of my Scrubbing Bubbles Foamers, one of my Scrubbing Bubbles Foamers that I had to wait 3 months to get a good deal on, one of my Scrubbing Bubbles that I only got 3 of, one of my Scrubbing Bubbles that I had to go to 3 stores just to find, one of my Scrubbing Bubbles that I had just finally gotten a week ago and asked a question about it and my husband says "just go ahead and take it, she gets the stuff for FREE" umm no I did not get that for FREE!! I was so mad, I was totally yelling at my husband about it and he's all "I'll get it back from them" omg who does that? seriously.. oh I didn't know my wife had to pay for that! geez. Luckily this is the neighbor that gives me 2 sets of coupons every weekend (they get two papers) so they've probably saved me much more than that Scrubbing Bubbles actually cost me.. but really.. stupid boys!


Jennifer said...


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

he's not allowed to man "the store" on his own again! off limits!

frugalsuz said...

Ugh, I had a similar problem using one of those certificates before. My boyfriend and I went to this restaurant and ordered dinner. We go to use the gift certificate and they wouldn't take it because it said for "Entrees only". We had both ordered burgers and they said burgers weren't entrees. In my book, anything other than dessert and appetizers is an entree. I was so annoyed because we only went there to use the gift certificate!

Lindsay said...

That sucks!!!!!!!! I've had problems with those gift certificates in the past too. I agree with Beth he's not allowed to man the store anymore!!!! Sorry hun!

Dr. Mom said...

Sometimes I have to wonder what are they thinking!! Boys! BTW, the deal you just commented on on my site may still work. See my response.

Precious said...

Definitely tell him the stockpile is off limits to anyone but your family! I won't even take DH to the grocery store because they have no concept of prices either.