Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm not happy about this one...

Okay.. a friend wanted to do some double couponing at K-Mart so I spent a few hours sorta going through coupons I haven't clipped and coupons I have clipped sorta figuring out what I might be able to get for free, close to free, or stuff I really wanted/needed for the cheapest possible price. I came up with this huge stack of coupons, all only under $2, all only for one product because the last time I went and tried to use coupons that were $1/2 they didn't double. So I read each coupon carefully, only picking coupons that didn't have any special "notes" to them like NO DOUBLING or whatever.

This is what I got.

4 Zest 3 bar packs $2.19 each used $1 coupons (rounding) 80 cents
3 Gillette Shampoo's $3.50 each (2/$7) used $2 coupons for each only one scanned and doubled at $1.50 so I'm confused on this one
4 lifesavers $1.25 each used $1 coupons doubled at 25 cents FREEBIES
4 Soft & Dri deodorants $2.49 each used 50 cent coupons doubled $1.49 each or $6 total
4 pantyliners $1.29 each used $1 coupons not sure but I think the double on this only gave me 28 cents?
1 KY Jelly $4.49 used $2 coupon did not double??
3 Arm & Hammer TP $2.50 each used $1 coupons I think these doubled correctly
2 kids TP $2.49 each used $1 coupons I think these doubled correctly
4 Glade carpet powder $2.19 each used $1 coupons I think these all doubled correctly
1 Greased Lightening spray $2.99 used $1.50 coupon doubled $1.59 FREEBIE
2 Hershey Dark Choc bars should have been $1.99 each rang up as $2.49 each used $1 coupons
2 Glade sprays $3.79 each used $1.50 coupons cashier entered them wrong and they doubled as 69 cents she chose the wrong Glade item for this
4 Whiskas treats $1.39 each used 2 BOGO coupons and 2 $1 coupons the bogo worked.. not sure about the other regular $1 coupons
1 beggin strips $2.50 used $1 coupon
2 Whiskas milk $1.19 each no coupons

my total after coupons was $26.50 I calculated my total without tax should have been $16 (rounding up here and there like I counted 80 cents as $1).

What do you all think about this transaction???


Lisa B. said...

I went two or three weeks ago, and came home spending $34 and was not happy either. I wont ever shop Kmart's double coupon sales again. They rely too much on the cashier to choose the product on their little screen.

Melissa said...

yeah I can see on the receipt that she chose the wrong prouct for the wrong coupon on more than a few.

Jennifer said...

I wouldn't be happy either. When I did double coupons there the cashier just scanned the coupon & then manually entered the coupon again. That is what her store manager told her to do. Kinda wierd how each store does it different huh?

Annie's Antics :-) said...

The first time I went, I had the same ending result. Grrrr! The cashier would just select whatever she felt like on the screen and I wasn't paying attention. I realized later that they'd "doubled" to the wrong amount.

It isn't designed to give overage, which is why your Gilette shampoos gave you the $2Q and an add'l $1.50 (total price for the shampoo was $3.50).

This past time I went, I handed her each coupon individually and pointed out on the screen which product to select. It was a pain, but I ended up spending $6ish out of pocket (on a $114 order) instead of $30+ like I did last time.

Melissa said...

Annie.. that is exactly what I made happen this trip.. I was much happier.. yeah I wasn't expecting an overage on those shampoo's HOWEVER I expected at the very least for it to double on all of them AS IT HAD for $1.50 for one of them.

*Hippie* said...

I just posted about my Kmart trip last week... I hadn't even thought that she chose the wrong item when that dumb screen came up!!!!! I was expecting to pay about $20 OOP and spent $50!! I came home and realized some didn't double, other things didn't ring up right, etc and figured out it should have been $32 or so. I bet I was right and it should have only been about $20 and she selected things that caused them to double wrong!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!!! I called and the manager was such an idiot, I just let it go... I dont have time for htis kind of hassle!!! lol