Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend shops, sorry no pics

I didn't do that well so I didn't take pics.

I went to Ulta, found a $5/$10 coupon that I had from getting the magazine deal.. which was good because I got the store and asked for a flyer for the coupon and the refused to give me one.. they had one but it was blacked out! whatever! geez. I couldn't find one from my Sunday paper, not sure why I didn't get one.. didn't get one in the mail either. oh well...

I got 6 Bonne Bell Lip Smackers $1.59 each used 3 $1/2 coupons (I just noticed she only scanned 2 of them ughh) and that $5 coupon. My total was $2.74. Not good, could have been less.

I ran to Walgreens just to use that $5/$25 coupon here is what I wound up with

2 bags of socks on clearance for $3.19
1 bag of socks regular price $6
1 KY Intrigue $19.99 used $5 IP and two $5 ESC (oct & nov) $4.99
4/$10 M & M's (figure left overs could be used for Christmas bags) used two $1/2
$8 RR

Total OOP $14.67 got nothing back. I might be able to claim the M&M's on Nov rebates for $5 back? I gotta look it up.