Monday, October 13, 2008

busy weekend

I did do some hounding this weekend.. mostly just trying to grab a few WAGS deals. I wound up having to go to several stores in order to get what I wanted. No pictures either, I was just too busy to get everything put together and now I'm sick and just don't feel like digging everything out.

Okay this is what I wound up with from WAGS this weekend.
Nivea Mens body wash $5.49 used $1 coupon
Lypsl lip $2.99 no coupon
**thought these both were added to the October ESR however I got home and tried to enter them and they are gone! Sure enough checked the sites I had seen them and everyone said they were taken down..?? should I return them?**

Rimmell foundation $7.49 used $1 coupon ESR FREEBIE
A&H Laundry detergent $2.99 used $1 coupon $1 ESR
3 Scrubbing Bubbles shower FOAMER $3.99 used 2 $2 coupons and 1 $1 coupon ESR
L'Oreal Towelettes $7.99 used $1 coupon ESR FREEBIE

I called Walgreens customer service this weekend because I never did get 2 of my ESR's from last month.. the Pert and the Acid controller because the cashier couldn't get my coupons to work so the manager had her do a price modification and instead she took the products off and then put them in as numbered items.. so it looked as if I hadn't even bought those products however I had. So they did credit me the full amounts for those. I was told the first time I called that you can't use coupons on ESR deals?? what? okay I always have and see that everybody does as well... IN FACT my WAGS had those little yellow dots on the L'Oreal towellettes saying if you pay at the cosmetic counter they'll give you a $1 off (coupons they keep over there) that were clearly marked as FREEBIE items....???

Okay last but not least my son got a drum set! I didn't take any pictures of it.. DOH but basically he got a set for $250 off of craigslist. Luckily this set we found happened to be very close to my sons dads house so we took them right over there for him to set up. He's spending the day today banging away! lol!


Melodee said...

I found your site through other money saving sites. I know on the nivena body wash I bought it thinking the same thing but when i entered the rebate form it was not their but i entered the receipt anyway and sure enough when I got the email it said it was on their.
My advise enter your receipt and wait and if it doesn't show up on your rebate after this month then return it