Saturday, October 4, 2008

3rd stop CVS to use that $10/$50 coupon

I'm not even sure why this coupon is so appealing to me.. seriously. we have $3/$15 coupons... oh well. Okay this is the deal I put together. I had actually put together many deals to make sure I got the $10 off and make some extra ECBS but you know how those CVS shelves become bare with any monthly ECB deal! Yikes.

OKay I have to apologize to the people who read my blog that I know personally. Most of you will see things from my blog that I either got free or REALLY cheap because these are going to be my Christmas gifts. Sorry I'm unemployed and the amount of stuff I got free will be things you use in your house/daily lives. Also the face value of each "goodie bag" I'm thinking of putting together will probably be around at least $50 each bag. Okay I look at it like this #1 I'm unemployed #2 I had to take the time, effort, and gas to get all the items that will go in your bag #3 the gifts you get you will most likely use at some point.

♥24 Shick Shavers 99 cents each used 11 $2 coupons and 1 she lowered to $1.76 to make it work
♥11 Johnson's buddies $1.19 each (boo I thought these were normally 99 cents but after walking around the store several times I needed the additional $12 plus dollars to make my total over $50 to take advantage of that $10/$50)
♥5 kids anti bacterial spray pens $1.99 each (tried to use a $2/$10 CVS coupon and it wouldn't let me use it.. just figured out if she had forced it down to $1.95 it would have worked, oh well)
♥Always pads$4.98

Used my $10/$50 and a $4 ECB my total OOP was $2.35 and I got back $9.98 in ECBS that is $5.98 more ECBS I walked in with! Woot for me! Right now I have like $32 in ECBs not bad considering like 2 weeks ago I was mad because I had used up half my stash on stupid batteries! WORST OF ALL, I GOT ANOTHER $10/$50 COUPON. I'll be saving that for like the last day it's good 10/18!

YTD spending $875.74 Fall 2008 spending $3.24


Jennifer said...

Nice haul!! I have 3 of those $10/$50's. I think I'm going to work a deal this week on all of the meds that are buy 20 get 10 ecb's. My daughter woke up in the middle of the night last night with a temp & would you believe I only had one bottle of children's tylenol that was half empty!!! All of this crap I've bought & not one bottle of tylenol or motril for her to take. Wait til you see my K-Mart haul I did yesterday. I'm working on getting it posted right now!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

ooh can't wait to see what you got.. mine sucked because I got rushed at the end and my store didn't have much of the "good deal" stuff. My 2nd trip just for the water turned out pretty good. I was happier with that trip!

Carrie said...

I believe you should be able to use a $3/$15 coupon WITH a $10/$50 register coupon. Individual stores might vary, but according to Money Saving Mom combining CRT x/xx and x/xx from other sources is kosher. It has worked for me at certain locations, but not in one other location.

*Hippie* said...

Awwww I think the goodie bags you are making are great gifts!!!!!! And good use of the $10/$50 coupon... you came out ahead, you can't complain about that!!! :)

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Keept it up!
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