Thursday, October 9, 2008

Texting from Yahoo Instant Message

Okay this is something I just learned to do maybe 4 weeks ago.. I figured I should pass the knowledge along. A friend of mine told me about it because she uses Yahoo IM at work and uses it to text people throughout the day. It's free and really fast.

I just copy/pasted the email with the directions I had sent to someone else today. Sorry no pics.. maybe if I have time later I'll work on that! My sister is taking me to see Jersey Boys for my birthday gift! yeahhh!!

Okay.. do you have Yahoo IM set up already?

Okay at the top of the messenger is 2 little smilie faces in a box next to that box is a little index card looking thing. That is your address book click on that. Then scroll down to the person you want to add their phone number in and do a view/edit contact details. A box will come up and in phone numbers they have a place for "mobile". Type their phone number with area code in that box.

When you want to send them a text click on the little cell phone next to their name (in the address book) and a IM box will open. It will have their phone number/name in the top so you can double check it. Type what you want preferably a long message.

The first time you sent them a text through Yahoo they will get a message and it will ask them to "accept" or verify the message before it will send your message through so let them know.
I know it's hard to explain without sitting next to you and showing you the exact buttons to click but it's fairly simple once you know where to go, it's just a matter of knowing the option was there. A friend taught me how to do it like 4 weeks ago!


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