Monday, October 27, 2008

I keep getting TAGGED!

Well thankfully it's for the same thing I keep getting tagged for.. now here is my issues.. I haven't done this because most of the people who I would tag back I've seen this same thing done on their blog in the past so I don't want to retag them... so I'll play along and give you 7 things about me....

1. I'm scared of roller coasters for several reasons #1 my dad made me ride several very big scary rides in the front seat when I was just barely 5 at a family day at Great America (Six Flags). My cousin used to work there and they would shut down the park so family could come and ride without lines. #2 my mom worked for a close hospital and saw wayyy too many accidents that happened at that park. #3 We also know several people that have worked for the park and after hearing about how they rush "repair work" there.. you won't see me getting on a ride.

2. I'm scared of Haunted Houses. When I was 4 my parents took me to a local Haunted House put on by the local Jaycee's. Half way through my dad was carrying me and we came around a corner and some guy dressed as a werewolf was sitting at a desk with his head down. He jumped up, grabbed me and left. My dad thought it was a joke and laughed and couldn't find me. He eventually wound up back at the start and told a worker he couldn't find me. They shut down the entire place, turned on the lights, brought out all the workers, eventually brought the cops in because by my dads description there wasn't anyone who worked there dressed like that. They found me in a closet a half hour later. I have no recollection of what happened between the minute he took me from my dad and days later.

3. I hate concerts. I do not like loud or crowded places. I really hate loud, crowded, smokey places. Thank god for the smoking ban in Illinois.. no more smokey bars, take that stuff outside people! If I get together with friends I really pull for a quiet restaurant or someone's house so I can hear everything that is being said. I hate acting as if I heard what you said in the bar and then a week later having no clue what you told me and realizing it was information I needed to know!

4. The night I was born my moms ob was pulled away from his high school reunion. He was pissed and pulled me out with forceps because the delivery was taking "too long".

5. My son had 3 brain surgeries before he was 8 years old. It didn't register with me that they were brain surgeries until he was around 10 and it was too late to be freaked out about it because they were done and over with. Nobody ever used the words "brain surgery" when discussing his medical issues. I guess being a 17 yo mom had it's benefits.

6. The day of my son's first surgery I had an omen I still believe happened for a reason. It came through as a fawn on the road who decided to stop in the middle of the road and watch us in our car. If you want to read the full story go
here .

7. I can't think of anything else to write so I'll tell you something really funny.. Ted Nugent saw me naked when I was 4! This is my claim to fame. I knew who he was, I knew he was a rock star, but I've known him my entire life at that point. He drove a silver El Camino when he was in town and when my neighbors hunting van was missing I knew they were gone for a long boys weekend. The night they came back they would always hang out on my neighbors porch, listen to music, and drink beers. (Ted Nugent grew up in my area and hunted with my neighbor who was a friend of Ted's dad)

That's all I've got.. and I don't have 7 people to tag! lol! So if anyone that reads my blog hasn't done this CONSIDER yourself tagged and do it! lol!


Laurie said...

#2 is a freaky story! I wouldn't like haunted houses either. :-(