Wednesday, October 22, 2008


ughhh I'm an idiot.. but okay.. I'm still labeling this as a rookie mistake even though I don't believe I'm a complete rookie anymore.. but I still messed up.. *sigh* Okay... just look at what I did.. not bad.. but I could have done BETTER *double sigh*

I'm telling you.. this whole unemployment bs has my brain in mush.. seriously.. so a good friend of mine calls and we both forgot to give each other some stuff yesterday when we saw each other (double mush) so we decide to meet up because REDBOX sent out a free code for Walgreens redboxes only. Well of course the only WAGS that has a redbox near me is by her house.. cool.. we can meet up and I can show her how to use the redbox because another girl I told about it got all confused and missed the code screen and had to pay. Okay whatever. So I'm driving to her house and for whatever reason I turn as if I'm driving TO her house and then just keep driving thinking I'm going to the WAGS that is the other direction from her house. All of a sudden I realize I'm in the next town over from her house (in Chicago burbs all the towns are stacked on top of each other) so I pull into that WAGS and decide just to run in really quick and see if they have the LINDT chocolate bars that I've been trying to get a great deal on.. I mean get paid to buy.. so OF COURSE THEY HAVE THEM!

So my dumb arse calls her and says "umm I went to the wrong WAGS I'm a dork" she says she'll come meet me. She's always wanted to shop with me, so cool she can see in action.. so I realize because the Lindt deal PAYS YOU 25 CENTS for each bar that I need to grab other stuff for the overage (if I got it). So I decide to grab the candy deal to use towards Halloween Candy. I couldn't print the $1 coupons because my computer is like FORT KNOX because my computer techie cousin blocks me from everything because I'd crash and burn my computer if I was left to my own devices (I collect viruses because I'm cheap and they are free) {ha ha that was a joke} okay so I grab 4 m&m bags, check the ES catalog to make sure I'm grabbing the correct product for that rebate, go through my coupons and find just one coupon that's $1 off 3.. okay cool.

I get up to the line, hand the cashier my stuff, my stack of coupons and she goes to scan the $1 off 3 coupon and it says "item not found" or something.. I grab the coupon and say out loud "I'm a dumb arse I didn't buy HERSHEY CANDY SORRY" and tuck it back in my organizer.. now she has 18 other coupons to scan for my purchase and ONE WOULD THINK I'D GRAB MY SNACK/CANDY ENVELOPE AND LQQK FOR OTHER COUPONS I COULD USE WHICH I KNEW I HAD BECAUSE I REMEMBER THINKING OOOH I'M GONNA KEEP THESE FOR HALLOWEEN CANDY FOR THE TRICK OR TREATERS buuuuuut noooooooooo I didn't do that.. my total came to $8.72 (or something who is counting anyway?) and I hand her a $8 RR and of course it doesn't go through because I wouldn't be paying for tax or because I used a coupon for almost everything else I bought.. I don't know.. so I grab the RR back and pay with my debit card.

I got home and realized said idiot moronic error, grabbed said snack/candy envelope and found 4 $1/2 m&m fun sized coupons within seconds. I'm a dork. Yes, I am.

But for $8. and whatever cents I got what's in the two top pics.
18 Lindt candy bar which will make nice extras for my Christmas bags ALL FREE PLUS A 25 CENT OVERAGE (did I do that math right?)
4 bags of M&M's which I'll be getting a $4 rebate on.

Not a bad haul but I could have gotten it for $6 OOP and then grabbed something else for say $2.50 and got it all for the price of tax.. yeah huh. drive through.

So here is the best part.. we get out to the parking lot and I tell her I want to go to her Jewel because I wanted to see if they had the Cubs/Bears bags that she told me was in the Jewel sale flyer (which I looked at 3 times myself and even comment to my husband about but didn't but 2 and 2 together because like I've said 40 times my brain is mush.. so until she actually SAID IT TO ME and I grabbed my flyer for the 18th time this week and looked again it didn't click.. ugh) so I ask her is it easier to turn left out of her on the road or should I go out the other exit that take you to a side street with a stop light so I can turn left...

Yeah Carolyn says "YOU WANT TO GO TO JEWEL NEXT, YOU NEED TO GO RIGHT" oh yeah DOH! I just said that like right before I asked if I should turn left out of the parking lot.. it's gonna be a long night friends.. as my cousin Heather says "grab a cup of Joe and a pad"

Okay Jewel.. I walk in and they have an entire display of these bags! woot! so I grab 4 of each (I can't even think long enough to figure out who I need them for I just know I got 10 of the girl ones so 8 should be good, I think, I don't know.. I can buy more later) I didn't touch the Sox ones cuz my grandma would roll over in her grave and hunt me or haunt me or something. She would.

Anyway they were 2/$4 which makes me think they'll go down in price.. but I've been looking for these specifically for so long.. I'm just happy to get them. Then little pimple Johnny cashier is telling me how much he likes them.. and that THEY JUST GOT THEM IN and I said "this is the last day for the sale of the flyer they were in" he said "right, it's been a huge issue all week people looking for them" cool.. glad I got some then since it was such a huge issue.

I grabbed 2 more $1.99 milk for my 14 yo son who drinks a gallon or two a day and that was my Jewel trip!

and finally the grand finale to end all grand finales or whatever.. I made it to the Walgreens I was supposed to be at.. walked around the store twice.. found one of these Lysol things that was on super duper sale that I had $5 coupon for.. my total make to $1.49 with tax.. hmm weird.. I have a ton of these coupons, I'm hoping one store will have one so I can double dip on Friday/Saturday this week and get the rebate for it next month. Anyway.. I got one.. I'm happy.. so I ask where is their RedBox machine.. IT'S OUTSIDE! brrr.. ok

RedBox code is 122WAG for anyone else who didn't get the text. I rented 2 movies.. The Orphanage which is Spanish (I didn't read that it was, but it has English subtitles) and The Hulk which of course I sort of remembered my husband saying he saw.. then I get home and start telling him what I rented.. oh yeah you saw The Hulk didn't you "YUP" .. yup I'm a moron today.. total brain mush! lol!


Anonymous said...

You're in the Chicago suburbs! Me, too! I would love to be your coupon apprentice for a week--your deals are too awesome! And good luck with the job hunt. We've been down that road, and it's not fun. Hang in there!

Melissa said...

Yup I live in Carpentersville, however, because of where I live in C'ville (62 &25) I can get to most northwest suburbs in 30 minutes or less.

You posted anonymous, otherwise I'd email you and say "let's get together"

Dr. Mom said...

Sounds like an adventure! You got some great deals. I love the "little pimple Johnny cashier" description. Too funny!

frugalsuz said...

LOL, doesn't it always seem like when these days happen, one little mistake leads to another, leads to another, and then another, and before you know it, your brain is total mush! I know exactly what it feels like. :)

andrea said...

oh my word..i so could see myself doing everything you thats' wild:)

i still think you did great with all your chocolate bars:)

what are the Christmas bags you speak of?

Carrie said...

I have had the same experience so many times, with the M&Ms -- it's hard to really think when you're on the spot at the register. I actually was looking for M&Ms at Wags today but I thought they had to be the exact Halloween labeled ones to use the Easy Saver coupon, and I couldn't find any of those.

paula said...

One time I was at CVS and it was my 4th cvs of the day, I was tired and frustrated and just wanted to grab my stuff and go. The cashier was rushing me and I also bought some stuff to fill that was not coupon stuff so I was all involved in that...anyway when the price came up I was so flustered I forgot to give her the 5/20 coupon and forgot to pay using my Extra care bucks. When I got in the car I thought what just happened? When you get flustered it just goes nuts and when you think you should have gotten a better deal then you did b/c you messed up you go nuts I feel you.