Saturday, October 4, 2008


ha ha ha I couldn't resist.. I stayed up until 5am on Thursday night.. I couldn't let go of my birthday and the fact that I had slept almost 13 hours the night before mixed with some caribou coffee.. yeah I was awake with no hope of going back to sleep until of course last night. So I had plenty of time to get all my coupons together so I was armed and ready for my trip to K-Mart the next day. I had other things to do so I couldn't go until the afternoon. I finally got to K-Mart around 2:30pm and every shelf of every good deal was cleared.. picked clean! Luckily I walked around the store, found some other good deals along with end caps that had some extra of some of the deals.. I can't believe other hounders missed these shelves. So I did get in on a few of the freebies. Here is what I came home with.

♥ 9 $1 Crystal Light 14 serving boxes no coupons but too good of a deal to pass
♥ 3 Pledge wipes $2.50 each $1 coupons DOUBLED to $2 each
♥ 3 Beneful dog meals $1.69 each used B2G1 free coupon and the coupon only came off as $1.69 once.. sorta dissappointed, is this how it was suppossed to work?
♥ 6 Purina cat treats $1.29 each used $1.50 off 2 but it only showed up double I think once? hmm
♥ 1 Greased Lightening $2.99 used $1.50 coupon from All You magazine register doubled it to $1.49 so I still got it free.. no overage.
♥5 Trident gums $1.19 each used 5 55 cent coupons doubled so I paid 9 cents for each
♥ 1 bag Pedigree dog treats breath $3.29 had I think a $1 off coupon
♥ 3 Beggin Strips (one not pictured I gave one to my dad) $2.79 each used $1 coupons

I also bought a pair of Capri's for myself which I needed for a dinner last night (nothing fits when you gain 30lbs in like 5 days *sigh*)

My Total OOP was $44 with tax which with the Capri's which were $20 and the Crystal Light which was $9 I only paid $15 for the rest of everything else. So not too bad. I'm still not sure about all the coupons, if you look at my reciept there are more regular scanned coupons and less MULTIPLE lines.. so I think I should have paid less..?? Oh well.. I'm still happy with what I did get!


frugalsuz said...

Looks like you did great! I wish they'd run this deal in my neck of the woods. Its supposed to be nationwide, but another hound in NJ called their 1-800 number and its not in NJ yet. Sigh.

Lisa B. said...

I also went to kmart today and was disappointed. ANY coupon that was $$ off of 2 or more items would not double, I argued with the manager about it, she wouldnt give in, she even pulled some "rules" sheet out from corporate showing me, so I said "that's fine, I dont want any of it. If you cant double a coupon that is $1 off 2, and I have the two items, then I dont want it" They said fine, and took it all off. I still spent too much there though.

*Hippie* said...

It still looks like you did great! The double coupons wasn't in our area. :( Bummer!