Thursday, October 9, 2008

I just have to document this here...

Okay.. I had the smallest At&t nationwide cell plan up until yesterday. I was getting 450 minutes per month, 200 texts for $5, and 7pm to 7am nights an extra 2 hours added onto their normal plan for $8.99 per month... that was the plan I made for myself. It worked wonderfully.. I had rollover and if I worked it right I would usually earn at least between 50-100 minutes to add to my rollover. It was nice because there are months where I had to dip into them and didn't have to worry.

I learned to call friends and even my voicemail after 7pm unless it was an important call. I used my phone on weekends to catch up with everyone. I learned how to text from Yahoo Instant Messenger to peoples phones so if someone texted me I could text back from Yahoo and then our texts went back and forth for free for me at least. My 200 texts included incoming and outgoing so even if I texted back just to say "Ok" it cost me a text. I learned which family/friends have At&t and I can talk to for free whenever I want. I learned to be very efficient about my phone and it's minutes and never had to break down and get a house phone which I really didn't want to have to budget into my already REALLY tiny budget being on unemployment.

So this brings me to my less than half cell phone plan that started YESTERDAY. My husbands work paid for his cell phone plan until September so he had to get his number released which took over a month. This finally happened yesterday so he was forced to pick a new plan and a new phone. He hasn't bought a new phone for over 5 years (his work would just give him the freebies or hand me downs from other co-workers who got upgrades) so I understood his want for a nice new phone. He picked a phone he loved, we went to At&t store and they said it was being discountinued and they had none in stock. Tim noticed that the price of the phone was $20 more at the store vs online.. so we went home to order it.

He called their 800 number to change our plan and get his upgrade and somehow everything got messed up.. anyway.. in the end he wound up with the phone he wanted for the price he had originally seen it on line advertised as but with this plan that I was laughing my butt off at. He has us splitting 700 minutes between the two of us.. I was making it with 450 but there were some months I was over.. and he is one of those guys who just sits on the phone with friends just to comment about the Cubs game or the Bears game and then they sit there silent between good/bad plays not saying much.. things will have to change because the guy is nuts if he thinks he's gonna make it on 350 minutes per month.. I know I can do it, but I know he's gonna be in a world of hurt once we get that first bill.. good thing At&t breaks it down so I can say "look here you sat on the phone with your buddy for 97 minutes, what did you talk about?"

ok it's documented. I have witnesses! lol!


Kathie said...

hey! i did NOT know you could text on yahoo for free. do tell me more. i have no text plan on my phone bc we refuse to pay extra and my girlfriends text me all the time. i'd love to text back but i'm already being charged for theirs coming in.

tndrkiss4u (at) hotmail (dot) com

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

that is impressive!! we don't have a house phone either and it's hard for me to stay within my minutes...i check my minute balance pretty often towards the end of the month. my plan has 600 minutes (for just me!) and nights start at 6pm.

DH probably uses 10 minutes of the 450 he has in his plan. he's not a talker.

Melissa said...

yeah my hubbie isn't a talker either.. I swear they listen to each other breathe! lol!

Carrie said...

um, yeah, tell him also that there is a growing pool of evidence that spending prolonged periods on your cell phone is a very real brain tumor risk.

we have the lowest shared plan on At&T and a zillion stored minutes. we mostly talk to each other and to my parents who also have AT&T, or on weekends. I would like to actually cancel and go to a cheaper prepaid plan since we don't call that much.

we will not give up our landline, though, because that is the most reliable way to reach 911 and with small children in the house i can't risk it. also i don't want to be searching for my cell phone in an emergency.