Monday, July 28, 2008

WAGS plan for this week.

I have a $5 RR burning a hole in my pocket from pulling the diaper deal on Saturday night so I combed through the ad today and combed through my P&G coupons that are expiring.. for some reason I know there was a bunch of deals I missed out on this month just because I'm totally new to hounding. There is one coupon that just kills me.. it's like a free eyeshadow if you buy their mascara or something.. I have 3 of those babies and I know sometime this month I missed them being on sale or CVS giving ECBs with one of those products. Anywhoo....

Okay.. at first I had this deal all worked out that I would buy 6 bottles of Herbal Essance shampoo/conditioner (they are $3/10) use 3 $3 off 2 shampoo/conditioner coupons use my $5 RR I would have to pay $6 OOP but then I would get a $7 RR because WAGs is running the buy $20 worth of xyz products get $7 back. Okay but I have SCADS of shampoo/conditioner in fact I'll be donating most of it in the next couple weeks. So I looked at the ad again and realized they had Olay body washes on that same deal. They are $3/10 as well. I knew I had good coupons for those so I dug and dug and came up with three $2 off coupons, 2 $1.50 coupons and $1 coupon. Not sure how that happened but that's what I had.. so that's $10 in coupons!! lol! So I'll pull the same deal only I'll make an extra dollar on the deal but I'll have a product I don't have much of in my house.

My other deal I was trying to put together for tomorrow is the One Touch Ultra blood Glucose monitoring systems. I got 2 $20 off coupons and there is a Mail in rebate on them as well.. now I'm not sure it could go a couple different ways depending on which ones I buy, who the cashier is, and how the company handles a MIR when I used a $20 off coupon. Either way I'll get the product for free in the end, I just think there is a money maker here but not sure if it will fly. For example.. with the mini it's on sale for $14.99. Will the cashier issue me the overage? If I send in the MIR will I get anything back? On the Ultra 2 it's $29.99 so I'll have to pay the $9.99 out of pocket for sure but will the company give me the difference of $9.99or the full $29.99? I'm not sure.

Okay those are all the deals I've put together for myself. I haven't dug into CVS yet. Not sure if there is anything I really need/want from there this week.


Hippie said...

I bought the Ultrasmart glucose tester yesterday for $29.99 and used a $20 off coupon. The cashier needed the manager's approval to use a coupon that large. My coupon said $29.99 for the product and I bought some candy, at the bottom, it just said "1 coupon $20" so I don't see how the company would know I used that coupon on their product, it could be a CVS ECB after all... I sent my rebate away, I guess Ill have to wait and see what happens but from what I read, if you use a coupon with a product, you still get the full price of the product from the rebate.