Tuesday, January 6, 2009

exhausted.. sorry no pics

A local grocery store Jewel (which is owned by Albertsons) is doing that great spend $30 get back $15 on certain products.. yeah well.. I tried to roll those RR and it didn't turn out that well.. here is what I did. All prices are off shelf prices not sale prices so I had to calculate everything out to get the deals based on shelf not sale prices which can be pretty sweet.

3 packages of diapers on sale $10 each
NO I'M NOT PREGGERS.. I am saving them for a baby shower I'm going to soon.
used 3 $1 coupons
My total was $28
got back $15 from the regular promotion
plus an extra $5 from another deal where if you spend $25 on baby products you get $5!!

6 boxes of cascadian farms granola bars $4.64 3/$10 on sale
2 boxes of puffs $1.25 on sale (fillers)
used 6 $1 coupons on the granola bars, didn't bring any puff coupons.. are there any out there? used $15 in RR from first transaction. Paid $2.xx OOP

(they wouldn't let me buy any more P&G products with the coupons so I ditched what would have been my 3rd transaction and got these)
1 gallon of milk $1.99
10 Dannon Light and Fit Yogurts ~ ughh I seriously can not remember the sale on these. I had .50 cent off 2 coupons loaded on my Jewel preferred card plus I used a $1/10 coupon and a buy 6 get 1 free coupon.
1 loaf of bread $1
4 cans of cat food again I don't remember the price.
My total came to $6.38 paid with one of the $5 RR's and $1.38 OOP

Left the store with $15 in RR's I can use another day.

I also made a quick stop at Walgreens to grab the Electrasol dishwasher tabs. On sale for $3.49, used the $2.50 coupon from the paper. Then paid with my GC and will apply for the rebate this month.

That's all I've got for tonight everyone. Sorry. this whole job thing has got me wondering how all the rest of you do it!! *sigh*


Lisa B. said...

In our December Parade inside the newspaper there were .25 puffs coupons.

It's hard keeping up with all of this when you work, but you are doing a great job. I shop on my lunch breaks, after work, in my sleep, (oh that doesnt count, does it?) and on the weekends. I dont have time to go to say CVS everyday (or multiple CVS's) or several times a day. I try to plan 2 trips a week. Then a couple trips a week to grocery store. Now if there is a "out of this world" deal going on, I go, go, go, until I drop.

Lindsay said...

You'll get into a schedule soon and you'll figure out what works for you. I will admit it's harder to get my ass out there now that it's freezing! (I'm in Massachusetts).

Like Lisa B said, it's all about the good deals! ;)

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

hang in there! the schedule will sort itself out and you;ll be left thinking, "i totally have this, why was i worried!" i'm going to try and do that catalina deal tonight too.....great haul!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I dont know how others do it and stay so Organized. I started a blog for my spending this year but I cant keep up but it still keeps me accountable because I know eventually I will have to post it.

Carrie said...

Where did you see the baby deal advertised? I was going to buy only 2 Pampers but if I can get $5 back buy buying 3, I might.

Melissa said...

Carrie.. so funny you ask where it was advertised because I have NO CLUE! I know I read about it on www.hotcouponworld.com