Monday, January 26, 2009

I ♥ home made 54 calorie mocha fraps!

ha ha ha sorry.. I'm totally in love with them. I figured I would just post my recipe for my mocha fraps.

♥8 oz Almond Breeze unsweetened I use chocolate but you could use Vanilla or original if you like
♥ice just enough to fill and cover the liquid
♥coffee creamer probably about a teaspoon full
♥2-3 packets of splenda, equal, or sweetnlow. whatever you use.
♥1 teaspoon (or more if you like) instant coffee (decaffeinated or regular, again your preference)
♥1 teaspoon sugar free syrup HUNGRY GIRL suggests TORANI brand syrups but I found a knock off at my local grocery store for a bit cheaper. I used chocolate.

Blend in a good blender, smoothie maker, or magic bullet type mixer. I use a little lite whip cream with cinnamon sprinkled on top just to make it more appealing and a little more naughty.. but I don't care. They are yuummyy!

I've also made them using regular skim milk, a sugar free packet of hot chocolate, instant coffee, and some splenda. Those turned out good but are more calories.

You can get creative and use all sorts of different flavor of coffee. Hungry Girl talks about using those flavored coffee's, flavored coffee creamer, and of course the sugar free syrup comes in a huge variety of flavors.

You could use these to make some smoothies too if you wanted. Some yogurt, some fruit, some ice, maybe a splash of juice. Yummy!


Amanda said...

I love Almond Breeze!!! I also found another brand at Krogers that is Soy milk in a carton that is also awesome and low in calories

Melissa said...

I love Soy Slender. It's really yummy, comes in flavors, and has low cals BUT I'm not suppossed to have soy.. so the Almond Breeze is a better choice for me.

Amanda said...

Ohhh yeah I forgot about that. :) I love using the Almond breeze with cereal. I even made my sugar free jello with it (even lower calories!!). I also made my pumpkin pudding that way too

Donna Rae said...

Sounds good. I will have to try it!!! I always pop open a bottle of starbucks frap and put it in the blender with ice. I think I am fancy when I do this. Once in a while I even put it in the blender with vanilla ice cream and milk YUM! Its about a million calories. Hey how did you make that heart? Cute!