Monday, January 26, 2009

Mailbox Monday

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ha ha ha poor Charlie.. ♪ chhhheer up Charrrliee♫ (sorry I'm mixing my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Charlie Brown) doh! No mail for Charlie.. but mail for me!!
I got this today!!

this little bag came filled with a few goodies and I'm not even sure how I got it. I must have signed up for something awhile back. I love MY SAVINGS so who knows.. anyway.. this little make up bag came filled with a Shaver, some lip gloss, and some deodorant! So cute!

Also, over at Staplesstaples logo Pictures, Images and Photos Thanks to Sherry at SAVING SHERRY for posting this great deal. They have a coupon code for $20 off a $20 stamp order here. Use coupon code 47328 at checkout online. Funny thing is I've been running very low on address labels and wanted to get one of these stamps. I waited and the deal came to me! How about that?

ooh what else..
Ohhhh I got 2 more things checked off my WEEKEND to do list. My sister, her 2 boys, my husband and myself all shoveled my parents entire driveway in under a half hour. Great workout. It wasn't as bad as I thought. The end of the driveway had a good 2 feet of thick heavy ice that my oldest nephew and my husband hacked away at while my sister, my younger nephew, and I all plowed away at the foot of powder on the rest of the driveway.

I still have to go back to to Jewel. I wanted to go on my lunch break, but lunch breaks just don't happen at my office right now. My husband finished the laundry, cleaned our bedroom and our loft upstairs. So the computer room is a wreck but the rest of our upstairs is super clean. Now if I could just get that kitchen back in order. I brought home an hour of work and it's almost 10pm so that kitchen is going to wait another day (again).

Sooo coupons, my dress, and bed shopping possibly this weekend...??