Sunday, January 18, 2009

sending free cookies to the soliders

Okay, it's not totally free.. BUT all you pay is shipping!! It's a local (to me) place but I'm sure they would be willing to accomodate to others around the country.
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If you or any relatives/friends have anyone over in Iraq/Afghainstan Piece-a-Cake bakery in East Dundee Illinois will send them FREE cookies. You have to pay the shipping which is $20 for APO $25 for FPO. Anyway, they send them 75 an assortment of those huge sugar cookies of smilie faces, hearts, flags, etc. All you need is the soliders address there and you can even include a short message if you like.
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Anyway you can order them a few different ways. Stop in Piece-a-Cake at 304 N River Street in East Dundee Illinois. It's on the same street as Bandito's. Call in an order with your credit card. Phone 847-836-6703. Fax in an oder with your credit card 847-836-0626. Order them via the net at or email at
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I have sent several batches to my cousin in Iraq who is actually in Afghanistan right now. The first time he said he got an assortment of brownies, cookies, and treats like rice crispy treats. I've also sent them to friends as well and they all reported back the box was big enough to share with a large group.
story from the local paper about this bakery
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Amanda said...

Yes, I will have to agree with this one. The boxes are huge!!! Melissa sent Norm some while he was in Iraq last year and he loved all the cookies, rice crispy, etc.

Frances said...

Thanks! Our son is deployed to Iraq, but home on leave right now. When he goes back, I think I will send him some cookies. Well, I will wait a little bit, since he will have Hickory Farms waiting for him when he gets back to Iraq.

frugalsuz said...

That's such a great idea! Kudos to that bakery for doing this and kudos to you for posting!

Lisa B. said...

Thanks for the info. My sons' best friend is in Afghanistan right now.

Lisa B. said...

ps. check out my blog for your Lemonade Award! :) Keep up the good work here on your blog.