Thursday, January 29, 2009

my bed's getting trumped

well.. it looks at though I will not have time to go bed shopping this weekend. I had started writing up a list of everything I need to do this weekend however, after today car shopping is going to be the highlight of this weekend.

I was about to fall asleep last night at 12:20 and I remembered my keys were still in the ignition of my car.. I decided it would be fine and fell asleep.. the rude awakening at 8:23 this morning of my car saying CLICK CLICK CLICK wasn't so great. Here is the situation, and excuse me if I've already mentioned this like 400 times (I can't remember if I have or haven't) but my car has been having issues with letting go. It really is in love with me driving it or having my key stuck inside the ignition.. something about the car and that darn key.

My mechanic has had the car for over 3 weeks at one point and of course his report is, "it works every time for me".. yeah well it DOESN'T work every time for me. They've replaced the cylinder and greased the key.. and short of ripping apart my entire car just to figure it out they can only imagine that the transmission doesn't think the car is in park therefore will not let go of the key.

My husband and I have come up with tricks to get the key out and finally I figured out that if you just leave the dang thing in there it pops out on it's own. Pretty magical really. Sometimes it takes just seconds to pop out but now it's becoming increasingly longer, today it was 20 minutes.

Anyway.. last night I got home from work after 6pm and just wanted to go in and.... (make myself one of my mocha fraps) EAT and get to work on my BUCKET of work I brought home.. which I did...

so that brought me to 12:20am and then 8:23 this morning. luckily my co-worker has to pass my house to get to work, so I rolled my car out of the garage (almost lost the car as I tried to push the car and the recycle bin and the car started rolling down hill out of my garage) she showed up, popped her hood, jumped it in 3 seconds, she was gone around the corner before I even shut the hood of my car. we're that good folks!

anyway.. I've been looking for a new car on and off here and there but I've worked very hard to save the money I've saved towards a new car and really.. I JUST DON'T WANT TO SPEND IT!! not good.

So my husband is busy shopping at Carmax. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck (good or bad) at this place. I've also been looking at a local car auction but my husband got me turned on to so I've been checking each of the cars and of course the cars I want have either been in accidents or have wayyy too long of records to want to touch.. *sigh*

soooooo I guess this is going to be a car shopping weekend and the bed is getting trumped...
***my cousin's husband (then boyfriend) wanted to buy her a diamond engagement ring and they needed a new bed. her engagement ring got trumped. then for their 10th wedding anniversary he wanted to buy her a 10 year anniversary band and of course they wound up needing a new bed that year. So again her "marital" jewelry was trumped by a bed.. now my car is trumping my bed. so strange***


J said...

We've bought and sold a number of cars at CarMax in the Atlanta area. For the most part, our experience has been positive. One of the best was a Mitsubishi Galant that we bought for $10k, put about 30k miles on it in 18 months and sold back to them for $8700. We are not thrilled with the Pathfinder that we have right now, but most of that is due to the loss of value by SUVs in the past few years. And we've discovered that SUV repairs, even minor ones, are never cheap. But, if you are car savvy like my DH, CarMax is a great option. I hate the haggling part of buying a new car and CarMax eliminates that for the most part. Good Luck!

Kim said...

If you are looking for a cheap car, my Hyundai Elantra has been a great car :)

Donna Rae said...

OK my hubby's key gets stuck in his ignition sometimes. What he does to get it out is push on the dash area all around the innition (as clost to the key as you can get) while he is trying to pull the key out. When he hits the right spot BINGO the key pulls out. Why? We dont know, it's so very odd. The best part is that now is the time to buy a car. I saw an add the other day here in Arizona that said KIA is running a sale and if you loose your job in the next year you can return the car! Its a good thought with the economy. Have a great weekend.

Beth said...

I bestowed upon you the Lemonade Award! Thanks for all your commentary, great deals, and humor mixed more about it here: