Sunday, January 25, 2009

procrastination sunday... UPDATED

hmm this is more like every day of the week for me, so not so sure what it is about today that it's actually bugging me.. but here is the list of things I HAD to get done this weekend. I was sick this week with a monster cold so yesterday I wound up lounging around the house all day, took shower around 7pm and then did a few errands.. but none of them actually made a dent in what I needed to get done this weekend. Here is my list.

1. Jewel. They are having their awesome buy 4 for $19.99 meats again this week. I have $20 in CATS burning a whole in my pocket along with a list of a few necessities we need for the house. Drove past 2 Jewels last night but didn't want to get out of the car again.
I went to Jewel and snoozed and loozed (or something like that) I got there and all the meat deals I wanted to pull were already taken! *sigh* I could have gone with all ground beef and pork.. but that's all I got in my freezer now!

2. Woodmans. This store is on the other side of town. Winds up being a 30 minute drive. I was within 5 minutes of it last night on the same road, but didn't want to drive that far south out of my way of the other errands we were doing. There are a few WW necessity items I need from there.

3. Laundry. I am notorious for doing laundry and just leaving it in front of my dryer. I wear wrinkled clothes to work, to parties, to baptisms.. doesn't matter. Downy wrinkle release is my best friend and I actually wind up making my own once the bottle is gone. I have about 7 loads of laundry currently sitting on top of my bed waiting to be folded or hung. My sheets are in the dryer, my mattress pad is being washed right now.
shhhhhh my husband is actually watching tv and cleaning our bedroom which is where all the laundry is....

4. Kitchen. I have a full load of dishes that is clean and just needs to be put away. I also have a full double sink that is double deep of dirty dishes that need to put in the dishwasher.
umm yeah.. emptied the dishes, refilled the dishwasher, started the dishwasher but my kitchen is STILL a wreck. I started pulling out all the things I want to sell at our garage sale this spring so kitchen appliances pieces are all over the place...

5. Bathrooms. Both bathrooms are disgusting. enough said. I just finished the upstairs ones in it's entirety and actually the downstairs isn't as bad and it's only a toilet and sink.
never touched the downstairs bathroom.. it's attached to the kitchen and it's only 9:30.. hmm

6. Bills. I normally pay them so far ahead of schedule, I forgot about one that was laying on the computer room floor in a stack of stuff to be recycled. Imagine that. I just wrote it out (I tried to pay it on line and realized I would have to PAY to pay it on line and decided the stamp was cheaper). But I did pay all my other bills (some of which I found in that same stack of recycling) that I had ahead of time on line. The ones that HAVE to be mailed will wait another week. IN the mean time I will "File" them in my recycle stack.
just as far as I was when I wrote this, but I did accomplish it today.

7. Car. I have to drop my mom's car off today.
yeah nope, read below...

8. Shovel. I have to shovel my mom's driveway today in order to drop off her car. However, it's NEGATIVE 2 right now and the foot of snow on her driveway isn't going anywhere. Luckily I talked to my sister and she's gonna have a plow guy come tomorrow so dropping off my mom's car and shoveling have actually been stricken from my list.. however now I have to find time before Tuesday night to drop off her car and check the house before she goes home.. I should add to the list PRAYER because I'm gonna need it when I walk in her house and find all her pipes have burst, the house has been ransacked, and my Porsche is missing.
yeah nope... going with my sisters plan although it was warmer than I thought.. it was 8 degrees around 4pm but the windchill was negative something..

9. Bed shopping. This is something my hubbie and I have been talking about since July folks. It hasn't happened since July, it probably won't happen today.

10. Coupons. I quit cutting out the coupons and just clip right from the inserts because I plain just don't have time. I still have the old ones, probably all expired to send out to the military. I need to go through those envelopes to make sure I don't have any I could use still. I also need to go through all my inserts, make them neat, write the dates on the front and put them in order. Also I need to get the ones that are dead out of here too.
umm I found the coupons I needed for my shops today.. yeah that's it.
11. Work. I brought about 2 hours of work home.

12. Dress. I ordered my bridesmaid dress last month and it came in 2 weeks ago already. I need to pick that up. The wedding isn't until July so maybe I could fit bed shopping and my dress pick up together for my 11th anniversary July 3rd. lol! The dress shop is only 20 minutes from my house.. doh!
right there with my bed shopping!

13. Mail. bills. enough said.

Any ideas for me? How would you organize this list? have you ever been a procrastinator and how did you overcome your obsession with blogging and FB long enough to stop procrastinating and get some work done? Is there FB/Blogging/web surfing rehab?

**so I accomplished 7 (6 1/2 because I have to go back to Jewel before Wednesday) of the 13 things and 2 others my sister/husband will help me with tomorrow that being the car & the driveway.


Precious said...

Just organizer the list in order of importance. Do the most important things first; the ones that don't get done, push off to another day.

Laurie said...

I have no advice for you as I'm in the exact same boat. At least your stuff sounds a bit more exciting than mine....some of it at least, like bed shopping :)

Theresa said...

I would love to give you rational, common sense advice right now BUTT: the more you blog and post, the more I read and laugh. It's true, I enjoy reading your postings and can't say STOP and complete your list because if you did, what would I do.?! You give me an excuse to surf and read and therefore I procrastinate too.

I won't tell your mom if you don't tell mine:)


Lisa B. said...

I procrastinate like you when I get overwhelmed. The best advice I can give you that I do, is keep your list short for each day. Two no more than three things per day. Your list overwhelmed me just reading it and then down at the bottom was the mention of what I would have considered the most important one... mother's house and car. I can understand why you procrastinated, that's a big list. By Wednesday, I bet you have it all done but the bed shopping and dress pickup! hugs

Amanda said...

I noticed that since I don't work much anymore...I have gotten bad at putting things off. I would rather blog or do something on the 'net because it is more fun. Ohh by the way, I am the same way with clothes. I hate to hubby does a better job than me. Anyways, I will be the same with my wrinkle clothes. My dryer has that wrinkle free button...sometimes that helps.