Saturday, January 10, 2009

dummies... dummies

YEAH I SAID IT!! DUMMIES!! There are big dummies out there.. but ahhhh haaaaaaaaa I got their number and those dummies are only lining my fat pockets in my big girl jeans (I gained over 50lbs the last year so I can officially say I'm a big girl again.. I can also announce I'm back on Weight Watchers so eventually I'll start blogging about that too)

And back to the dummies.. Sooooooooo today I wanted to take the $3 coupons to Walgreens to grab some FREEBIE Ben & Jerry's ice cream, however, since I'm on WW again I figured I'd get some of their "light" stuff or sorbet. OF COURSE my WAGS had none of that... only the wonderfully yummy full fat stuff and really not a great selection at that. Of course they had their most popular yummmmmy flavors, just none that could jive on a diet. So I decided to go next door to Jewel that had them 2/$7 this week. I figured I could pay 50 cents for each instead.. that's fine.

So back in the truck (we got about 9" of snow over the past 24 hours so I needed the 4x4) and slid over to Jewel. I decided since I was there that *sigh* I should hit their buy $30 get $15 in CATS back deal.. hooo hummm.. so I grabbed some PT & TP (paper towels and toilet paper) and up to the register I go.

I get rung up, hand over my coupons and of course MY LUCK no CATS print. So little miss manager JUST SO HAPPENED to be "clocked out" and was in my line trying to buy a few items for her dinner and ran around the counter to try to figure out what was wrong. So she rings up a separate order trying to force the CATS to print, NO GO.. ughhh so she sends me to the service desk. In the process she pushed my cart to the side right next to the garbage can. She comes back hands me my 3 $5 CATS, smiles and says "thanks for being so patient" (*sigh* I love you little manager lady). So I'm fumbling in my purse to put my precious $15 in CATS in an envelope.. and I lQQk down in the garbage AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW... MORE $5 CATS JUST LAYING RIGHT ON TOP!! Who the heck is out there THROWING AWAY MONEY? Who is it? I want to know because if they got money to burn like that then I want to be adopted so you can just throw it at me night and day.

There were 2 of them right on top, I was lQQking for that third one, I KNOW YOU ARE IN HERE... nope.. couldn't do it without being completely obvious.. so I just left.. but here is how my transaction went down (basically)

2/$7 Ben & Jerry's ice cream used two IP $3 coupons = $1/2
1 24 pack of Charmin Big Rolls $12.99 (sale based on shelf price of $17.99) used 35 cent manu
1 10 pack (? is that right) of Bounty select a size $10 (shelf price of $12.99)used 35 cent manu
he gave me my total that was insane.. I handed over the above coupons PLUS $15 in CATS from the last time I ran that deal.. my total $10.xx
(the above story happened, no CATS blah blah blah) so I paid $10 OOP and left with $25 in CATS!! ♥ IT!!!


Jennifer said...

Don't ya just love when the coupon fairy strikes? hehe

Anonymous said...

Oh My. FREE MONEY! out of the trash. Couldnt have been a better day!

Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst said...

Very funny post! Thanks so much for being one of my "blog stalkers". Enjoy your free ice cream!

zobars said...

SORRY for the dumb question but what are CATS ??

jskell911 said...

I too am constantly amazed by the $$ people seem to just throw away (literally in your case)

Carrie said...

That's awesome. I'm sure whoever it was had no idea that these were not your usual junky stuff that prints out at the register.

From now on I'm keeping more of an eye out for cats lying around the checkouts. And in the trash cans!

Sherry said...

Hilarious! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!? I always check the trash cans at the end of the self-serve check-outs at Kroger. People in a hurry toss all kinds of great CRT's.

Frances said...

As my husband says, "People are stupid." Of course, when others being stupid gets us free money, then we love them!

Love your blog!