Tuesday, January 20, 2009

burning up $52.88 worth of ECB's or EB's.. whatever

yup I had $52 worth of ECB's burning a hole in my pocket.. quite literally. They were expiring tomorrow. I got all of them from my shop in December with all those pages of freebies. Problem is, I should have figured out my best plan of action complete with coupons and stuff.. but *sigh* I've just plan been too busy to plan my shops. I sorta wing it, and most times come out pretty happy with what I decided to do... the only thing is now I'm down to under $10 in ECB's. I'd gotten a few over the last couple weeks and then got a total of $5 in ECB's from today's shop.

I'm missing a gallon of milk which I paid $3.19 for and a 28 pack of water bottles I paid $6.99 for.

♥5 boxes of CVS crackers $1.99 ea gave back $1 ECB's for each box
♥2 containers of Q-tips $3.99 (my DH was very mad I bought CVS brand last time)
♥2 containers of Kraft Parm cheese $5.99 each (very steep but I was burning and didn't care)
♥2 nail clippers 99 cents each
♥10 cans of cat food 89 cents each (we needed them)
♥9 packages of Excedrin $1.99 used $2 manus for each FREEBIES
♥1 package of 3 Shick intuition refills $10.99 (I had no coupons with me for them, but I needed to burn another $20 and thought to myself what one luxary item would I NEVER spend cash on.. this was one such item that came to mind.. even though I love/hate them, they are good in a hurry)
♥1 Cascade powder $2.99 (this is for my office, I'm sick of trying to squeeze the last drops out of the gel gallons for our dishwasher)
♥1 gallon milk (not pictured) $3.19
♥1 28 pack Nestle water bottles $6.99
my total was over $80.. after my Excedrin coupons, I used a $10/$50, then gave her all my ECB's and paid a whopping $2.16!! NOT BAD! I walked out with $5 in ECBS which stinks because if I actually put some time/effort into this I could have walked out with probably at least the same I walked in with.. oh well.. such is life.


frugalsuz said...

Its frustrating when this happens, but you still walked out the door with a boatload of stuff! Each Sunday, when I'm planning my transactions, I try to look and see which EB's I can use that are expiring soon, but sometimes you just miss some and have to go hog wild crazy shopping. :)

Lacy said...

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Dr. Mom said...

Great buys! I burned all my ECBs recently too. I am still trying to rebuild a stash! Stop by, I have an award for you!

Carrie said...

When I'm down to the last drops of dishwasher gel, I just add some water to the container, shake it up, and pour the watery detergent soup into the dishwasher. Seems to work fine.