Wednesday, November 26, 2008


What would HOUNDERS do?

Okay.. remember all these??

Just found out these are going to be $1 starting tomorrow.. I paid $2 for each of them and had gut feeling they would drop to $1 each but wanted to make sure I got them before they sold out!! *sigh* so what would you do? Would you bring them all back tomorrow when the sale starts and get your $1 back for each? So far I've only found 2 of the receipts but it's for 10 of them. I believe I bought 12 total.


Lindsay said...

Heck yeah! Honey, that's $10/$12 bucks! :)

Melissa said...


Heather said...

Oh, yeah!! I would take them back, too!! (and then send me one :)

Have a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Donna Rae said...

How long ago did you buy them? Some stores will adjust the price with in 14 days!!! If it has been to long I would take them back and re-buy them! I enjoy reading your blog. Have a great holiday!

Precious said...

So did you return them or get a price adjustment?