Tuesday, November 18, 2008


owned Pictures, Images and Photos
yup that's me.. today.. you see.. I ran a bunch of errands. Came home started taking pictures of my deals. Went outside to take pics of the the last deals and dropped my camera on the ground. Grr.. we've been looking for a new camera HOWEVER we don't have the $$ to be going off to buy a new one yet. when I take pics the screen looks normal but then the pic looks all weird. I figured maybe it was just the way the pictures were displaying. yeah no dice... I just loaded them and they look like this...

yeah not good.

Okay.. my run went like this

CVS (sorry it's impossible to see what is in the picture)
First Transaction
4 Glade candles $2.50 each used $1.50/2 coupons
paid $7.xx OOP got back $5 ECB

Second Transaction
4 batteries $5.99 each used 2 $5/2 and 75 cent coupons
4 Glade plug in refills $3.99 ea used BOGO coupons
2 Glade candles $2.50 each used $1.50/2 coupon
$5 ECB and $15 ECB from last trip
paid $3 OOP and got back a $15 ECB for Duracell and a $10 ECB for glade.

2 bagged salads 99 cents each used 75 cent coupons
1 clearance bag of rolls 99 cents
$1.52 OOP

First transaction
9 Swiss miss hot chocolates $1 each (regular price $2.35) used 2 30 cent coupons
1 (not pictured) Parmesan cheese $2.99
$10 CAT from last week
$1.60 OOP and got back $10 CAT

Second transaction
8 boxes cereal $3 each used $1/2 coupons
2 boxes chex mix bars $3 each used $1/2 coupons
$15 in CATS $9.53 OOP got back a free milk CAT (for next transaction) and $15 more in CATS.

Last transaction
1 milk $3 used $4.50 coupon gave overage
1 Dannon Yogart$2.29 Avenu coupon 75 cents
paid 12 cents for both

Okay so the question of the day is, do you know of any great deals on cameras? Bring em here if you do! :)


Dr. Mom said...

Great deals! Sorry to hear/see about your camera. I was thinking of getting this one as a Christmas present for family. It's on sale, looks durable and has a screen to see the photos. If your looking for something cheap, check it out:


Don't forget about Walgreen's rebate on a camera.

Lisa B. said...

I'm sorry to hear about your camera. I have confidence with your shopping abilities, you'll be able to find you a really good deal soon.

Jennifer said...

That stinks about your camera!! Our Kmart isn't doing double coupons. My mom works there and she said it is only the Super K's & we don't have any Super K's...boo hoo. I can't wait for ours to do it again.......I scored some awesome deals last time!!

Precious said...

Oh No! is that the new Polaroid camera that you got at Walgreens so cheap? I am so sorry it broke!

Dawn said...

I just replaced my camera that was stolen. I got it at Target on sale for $89.99 and the I used my GC. If you have any target GCs??? If so you might be able to get a good deal. Also, Mejier has one pretty reasonable for their Black Friday sale.

Melissa said...

oooh thanks Dawn!!

ALL K-Marts are doing double coupon days Nov 30th - Dec 6th I've heard.. so get those coups together ladies!

Precious, no it wasn't the camera I just got. This camera I've had for years which is why we need a new one anyway..My mom that Polaroid one we got at WAGs but I've been checking WAGS every time I go in just to check and see if they have other ones on clearance!