Friday, November 7, 2008

I just couldn't resist.. another Jewel run!!!

I did two separate transactions just so I could roll the RRs and get the most for the least. Here goes

♥14 Green Giant veggies $1 each used 13 25 cent coupons.. not sure where the 14th went and boy was I mad! lol!
two $5 RR's from trip earlier today
57 cents!! booo yaa! Got 3 $5 RR's

♥12 Green Giant veggies $1 each used 12 25 cent coupons
♥5 Betty Crocker potatoes $1 ea used 35 cent coupons
♥2 Berry Crocker Frosting $1.66 used 50 cent coupons
♥1 Jewel Garlic bread $2 for dinner
♥2 Progresso chicken stock $1.66 used $1 coupons
3 $5 RR's from first transaction total OOP $3.33

walked out of store with $20 in RRs because the first transaction I only used 2 from earlier today!!
OHHHH yeahh!

****I had to use two Bertolli dinners for dinner tonight and take each of my veggies out of their boxes in order for them all to fit! I really need a 2nd freezer!!


Dr. Mom said...

Great buys! Wish I had a Jewell!

Jamie said...

I'd be there everyday if they were paying me to take their groceries! What an Awesome Deal!!

Cassie said...

i need a 2nd freezer too, mine is packed!

great deals :D

Heather said...

Nice run!! I am jealous that I don't have a Jewel here!