Saturday, November 1, 2008

I don't ♥ couponing today.. CVS run

Okay as posted below I figured out I had a $5 ECB expiring so I wanted to run and just spend that.. which is what I should have done because I wound up spending that $5 ECB a $5/$30 coupon I got from the scanner, then another $5 ECB and $4.98 ECB PLUS a $10 ECB I got from the scanner for doing a CVS survey! OOOOOOOhhh boy.. so now I have NO ECBS at all!! 0!! If I want to jump back in I'll have to earn them.. wow! First time since June I've had none! I usually try to keep $20 worth of them to roll.. but as one of the girls commented, my stockpile is so large right now there is really nothing I need. I have so much for Christmas gift bags for adults and kids alike.. although I have this weird feeling I'll get done putting them together and find that I bought nothing for the boys or nothing for the girls.. anyway.. here is what I wound up with over at CVS!

Had to use my husband camera phone again, but I did get a comment that his cell phone does take great pictures. It's pitch dark outside right now and I do my pics in the garage because a majority of my stockpile is there. I've found it's just easier to unload the car onto that little table, take the pic, and figure out where everything should go. Anyway... this pic didn't come out as great as my first one earlier today, I turned it on night mode and if I dare move the camera while it was taking the photo it came out really blurry! Oh well.. you get the jist of it.

CVS had some great clearance as well.. and I think everything I got except the candy for my son was actually clearance. All stuff I actually WANTED and some I NEEDED! So in the end I'm happy with what I've bought and have no pressure with ECBS in the coming weeks except now I'll find 100 deals that would have worked if I had a few ECBS to spare. oh well.

♥ 5 photo cubes 99 cents each.. couldn't resist! great "mom" xmas gifts
♥ 4 mini nail polish 49 cents each for the little girls on my xmas list (oops he charged me for 5)
♥ 4 flood lights I'VE BEEN LQQKING 4 ALL WEEK $1.99 each
♥ Witch braids $1.99 an easy "hand out candy costume"
♥ package of pumpkin Luminaria (sp?)$2.49 my path was quite dark
♥ 1 glow in the dark nail polish FOR ME 99 cents
♥ layered candle jar $4.99
♥ peeps 49 cents (ate them on the way home)
♥ Halloween plaque $2.49
♥ Halloween "caution" tape 49 cents
♥ pumpkin spoon rest $1.99
♥ 5 tic tac chills $1.79 each used $1 coupons

$5/$30, $5 ECB, $5 ECB, $4.98 ECB, $10 ECB $3.93 OOP.


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

nah, the next couple of weeks are crappy. wait until 11/12 to jump back in......$5 ECB wyb $10 of Glade products, limit 5. you probably have all the glade Qs you need already!

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

oops i meant 11/16