Thursday, November 6, 2008

♫ ♫I wanna love you, squeeze you, wrap my arms around you♫ ♫

Yeah yeah yeah!!! I just had a great errand run.. and I know I'll have more tomorrow.. whoo hooo hooooooo!! Okay so the other day when I mentioned that I wasn't as organized as I could have been.. that was because I went to Jewel to get in on the spend $30 on specific products get $15 RR back.. um yeah.. I get there and realize I have coupons for the wrong protein bars! oops.. so I got all flustered and walked out.. because I knew I couldn't get another good deal together in a few minutes.

Okay two things.. I don't have my receipt up here with me, which I should, and my flyer blew away from Jewel so I don't have everything exact in front of me.. bear with me here.
♥6 Progresso chicken stocks $1.66 ea used $1 coupons
♥2 Progresso soups $1.66 ea used $1.10 coupons + THINGS TO WATCH FOR there was a peelie on one of them to save 50 cents if you bought that soup and one Progresso chicken stock
♥2 Lipton teas $2.50 ea used two 60 cents coupons + two e coupons $2 off EACH!! FREEBIE
♥4 Green Giant veggies $1 each used $1/2 IP coupons
♥2 Cubs reusable bags 2/$4 (realized I need 2 more the other night)
♥2 Banquet breakfast sausage BOGO $2.29 no coupons
♥2 Halloween napkins 50 cents each
♥Halloween headband 50 cents

My total came out to $17.38 (I think) and I got back $15. so minus out the bags, Halloween stuff, and the sausage I paid roughly $10 for all the buy $30 worth get $15 RR's!! Not a bad deal for all that. Plus I can ROLL these RR's I've heard. Also, this deal is based on SHELF PRICE not sale price and all items are on sale! whoooo hooo!!

BzzAgent sent me this!! whoo hoo! I can't wait to try it out!! Yeahh for BzzAgent.. but they also sent me these...

a whole book of $5 off coupons and buy 3 get one free refills! whoo hoo

last but not least I stopped at WAGS just to grab more FREE GUM and got this box of 50 Raspberry water mix ins for $2.50!! My total was $2.55, used GC!! Yeahh!!


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

isn't it great when it all works out?? :)