Saturday, November 8, 2008

I *think* this is my last Jewel deal.. however, the night is young..

♥ 6 All detergents 3/$10 used 2 $1 IP coupons and 2 $1/2 coupons
3 $5 CATS/RR's whatever you call them
$2.24 OOP received another 3 $5 CATS OYNO
**note I heard this deal works with only 5 All detergents.. but I figured the total would be $13.xx and I wanted to get over the $15 instead of having to find fillers. Plus I had also heard some people had issues when only buying 5. Either way it worked for me with 6 and I was happy! :)

these pics are sorta out of order.. but oh well.. My son needed to go to Wal-Mart and I had a few coupons I knew I could get some freebies with so I decided to quickly get some coupons together. This is what I got for a good deal/free/was paid to take. I didn't put everything in the picture. I did get a new pair of fuzzy boots, a thing of celery salt, my son got a bunch of fishing stuff (why we had to go fishing in WINTER IN CHICAGO.. UH HUH)and some more of those Tic Tac Chills which I found 2 more coupons for.

♥11 Johnson buddies (10 pictures my 14 yo son is showering with the last one as I type this!) 94 cents each used $1 coupons, some $3/3 coupons, and some IP coupons I had all in different places!
♥8 Well Patches 97 cents each used $1 coupons
♥2 Vlasic pickles $1.76 used $1 IP coupons horrible price for this size jar usually I get the huge jar for this price during rollback. My son is a pickle hound and I just gave my last huge jar to my mom to keep at her house so my pickle hound child can eat through those at her house instead of the ones she buys! lol!
♥3 Zone Perfect bars 97 cents each used $1 coupons (I had a ton more coupons but of course they had only 3 bars left)
♥All You Magazine $2.xx ughh I need to order a subscription! lol!

♥10 packs Wrigley gum $1.19 each WAGS BOGO coupon and BOGO manus FREEBIE
♥1 Celestial Seasonings tea $1.50 (my signs even at this WAGS said $2/5 I even took a pic with my camera phone this time) used $1 manu and had cashier scan ESC for the other 50 cents.

My total was 13 cents... I was digging in my purse and the cashier used the take penny/leave a penny fund which had a dime and several pennies. Done! I still have more BOGO Wrigley coupons however I didn't know how many they would allow me to buy at one time which is why throughout the week I started at 4 packs and moved up to 8 and now 10.


sashafras said...

You get the most awesome deals! I want to go shopping with you sometime. My dh and I are just starting to learn all of the tricks. Oh, I live in Elgin. :-)
Where do you get all of your coupons? Just from newspapers and printables, or somewhere else too?

Melissa said...

You are in luck! I went to a coupon class just today in Dundee. The same lady is featured on the JOhnny B show on Tuesday mornings and has been on the news recently. Her blog is or

she actually has a class in Elgin MOnday night and it's free!!

Sashafras I have no way to get in touch with you because your blog is open for "users only" and you have no email attached to your profile.

sashafras said...

Oh, sorry. I put pics of my girls on my blog so I keep it private. My email is
I wish I could go on Monday, but I have school. Maybe I'll get my mom to watch my girls so my dh can go. He's really into all of this too!

Lisa B. said...

I'm so jealous of your all and gum! My wags would not allow me to use the wags coupon with my manuf coupon. They were not being very nice to me the last time I went last week! errrrr