Monday, November 17, 2008

*sigh* now I can't get rid of A&H TP!!

Okay.. here was my CVS deal yesterday. I went specifically for the batteries. I have plenty of coupons the CVS ones, ones from inserts, and the internet email CVS ones.. so combined I planned out a groovy easy deal.
4 Duracell batteries $5.99 each (not pictured) used two $5/2 coups and 4 $1 coups (we didn't the $1.50 coups?)
4 A&H TP clearance for $1 used 75 cent coupons
1 Johnson Buddies $1.19 used $1 coupon
11 Halloween chinese food style containers clearanced to 9 cents each
CVS $5/$30 coup plus $5 ECB
My original total came out to $37 which I thought I was right at $30?? not sure.. but then I gave her coupons and my total was $7.xx so I had figured I would have to spend $6.xx OOP so I might have been off here or there. I get the receipt and realize the A&H TP rang up as $1.99.. so she credited me back $8.xx to my debit card, rerang and my total came to $4.xx. So basically I got everything for $3 OOP in the end. I also got back a $15 ECB for this transaction which was good because I was down to one lonely little $5 ECB! lol!
Okay.. while I was there they were bringing out a ton of Halloween clearance items. TONS it was insane. I almost wanted to ask if they actually ever brought out any items during Halloween because there was the freebie plastic pumpkin and many other great buys during October.
So here is my question for the day. This lady was there and she was filling up 2 CARTS of this stuff plus baskets of candy and odds and ends. She had an envelope filled with coupons. It took a full 20 minutes for her to get rung up so while I was getting my issue cleared up she had finally gotten everything put back into the carts and had left. So I walked over to the cashier that had rung her up and said "out of plain curiosity what was her total" she says "she did 3 transactions and each was under $1" UMMM HOW? there is no way on god's green earth that she had coupons for most of that stuff... none of it was name brand anything.. so I was I asked the cashier "what coupons did she use" she showed me what she used and she was stacking $3/$15 (old expired ones), the $5/$20 halloween from scanner coup, then $4/$20 email ones and $5/$30. It still makes no sense how each transaction was over $30 and she got them all down below $1.. but does your CVS let you stack multiple of their coupons?


Lindsay said...

Nope. And they usually say that can't use the x/x's or try and give me a hard time! Nice to know that you can use expireds! :)

frugalsuz said...

My store doesn't allow it either. Maybe she was using some ECB's, which brought her total down?

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

two of my three local stores have always let me stack.

Precious said...

No and we can't use expired either.

Annie's Antics :-) said...

I didn't realize you could use expired CRT's! And to think I tossed out two of those $X/XX Halloween purchase Q's!

I also never considered standing there holding up the line for 20 mins to do multiple transactions ;-) I'm too chicken to do that - I either go to a different store or go put my stuff in the car and come back in ;-)