Saturday, November 15, 2008

oh but of course

Soooo yeah I failed miserably at my challenge.. just what 3 days in.. K-Mart was having double coupon days so I had to go. I wound up getting a few things I really needed that they had pretty good deals on. I got a new cat litter box, some pint jars for canning I want to start asap, a tea pot (my husband threw ours out or sold the one we had at our last house, I'm still mad about it) and cheese. The cheese was BOGO at $3.19 so I figured that was a good price for 2 8oz packages. Either way my original total was $115.xx and I walked out of there spending $40.xx so not bad..

Okay, I had so many errands to run the night I got the milk I didn't realize that Dominicks brand milk comes in different colors. I think I *knew* it as I have bought it before, and I *thought* I read the container, however it says LOW FAT.. meaning NOT SKIM which is what we normally drink! oops.. more fat.. great.

Also, I did not check my bank account before leaving the house on those errands. I figured I would get cash back from that transaction versus having to pay ATM fees to go out to dinner last night. So my total came to $24.05.. yeah I had $22 in my account by the time that transaction came through.. so that transaction cost me another $10.. ughh $14.05 for two gallons of milk that I don't even like.. *sigh*


Precious said...

UGH on the milk is right! However don't beat yourself up on buying the other necessities that you needed. I have cut way back but if I need it for the hloidays or it is a necessity then I get it!

Carrie said...

I HATE when stuff like this happens. It seems like we are trying so hard and getting nowhere sometimes ... but just read back your archives and you will see that you are definitely getting ahead despite this setback.

A couple months ago I lost a Jewel gift card with $280 on it. I had bought it through the "tax rebate" deal to get the extra $30 on the card. Not such a great deal, eh? I dropped (or let the baby drop) my whole coupon file at the store, and when I went back to ask about it it was nowhere to be found. Not until these Jewel Catalinas that I feel like I have made up for that loss!
Oh and by the way I went to Dominick's because of your tip about the milk, and they were OUT of skim. So I got 1% too.

Precious said...


Did you call Jewel to see if it has been used? Did you keep the receipt showing the #'s on it. If you call and it has not been used, they will just transfer it onto another card for you.

Jennifer said...

How's it going? Haven't chatted with ya for a while!