Thursday, December 4, 2008

a mish mosh of shopping

I did some shopping yesterday and today.. just wanted to share/brag my buys.. I just emailed a friend of mine a few deals. I'm just going to copy/paste this email because it has some good deals going on not only in my area but also in other states. It gives some good information to those people who are new to couponing as well.

You might have already seen these yourself.. but I wanted to make sure you knew about them because they are THAT GOOD! First that $20 P&G deal doesn't end until the 15th I think.. so take your time if you need to on that one. I just realized that last night and was sorta miffed because I know I could have waited for better Avenu coupons.

At Jewel this week, you might have seen this in their ad, they are doing this weird buy 4 for $19 meats or something. The Pub burgers are part of that. I don't have ad in front of me but basically it would be get 16 burgers for $19 for that's $1.20 for each burger! The lowest they ever went was $1 each! Luckily you have an extra freezer so you can buy these things up!! I use them to make everything from meat loaf to spaghetti and of course we do have burgers sometimes too.. but it's a great deal!!

Not sure if you have read on her website or you knew, but Target has their own coupons as well. ON their website it you scroll to the bottom of the HOME page. The link will be under TARGET STORES then it says SUPER TARGET COUPONS + SPECIALS. if you go into that you can print the coupons, one or all of them if you would like. The best part of this is that you don't have to print them at home. When you go to Target use their "registry" computers where you print baby/wedding registry and you can log on to their website and scroll down just like you would do at home, pick which coupons, and print just like at home but you dont' have to waste your paper or ink!! whoo hoo.

The reason I'm telling you about the Target coupons is because those coupons sometimes have real deals behind them. Like last week I printed out a few $1 off fresh broccoli or cauliflower. Entire heads were on sale for $1.33 so for 33 cents I got a head of broccoli and a head of cauliflower. Also right now there is $2 off ARcher farms HAM. They have Ham's that are cut in little chunks for under $2 so you could make that for dinner and have FREE meat for dinner (ham steaks, or cube it up for breakfast or make a tator tot casserole or any casserole for dinner with it! yumm)

ok that's all I got.. just wanted to let you in on the secrets!

ok, back to my deals! lol!

2 9" plates 79 cents each
2 6" plates 79 cents each
3 chapstick 99 cents buy 2 get one free
$7.xx on GC I took a picture of this because I found 2 that had 80 plates for the same price versus 72 plates. Basically I got 16 extra plates! Just something to watch for.

2 Hanes Womens socks $4.49
1 Hanes Men's socks $5.99
buy 3 Hanes products get $10 off deal. Paid $5.33 OOP and got back a $3/$15 CAT for my next trip! woot!

10 Welch's grape juice on sale for $2.99 each. If you buy 5 you get $5 off brings them down to $1.99 each. Used $1 manu coupons for each. Paid 99 cents each. Paid $10.xx OOP (we were actually out of juice believe it or not)

K-Mart (don't have the receipt in front of me so bear with me)
3 Reynolds Alum foil $2.99 each used $1 manus doubled paid 99 cents each
4 Beggin strips no clue on price used $1 manus doubled
3 Endust $3.29 each used $2 manus took add'l $1.29 off FREEBIE
3 Scotch lint sheet roll $3.29 each used $1 manus paid $1.29 for each
1 Lifesavers $1.79 used $1 manu took add'l 79 cents off FREEBIE
4 Quaker granola bars $2.99 each used $1 manus doubled paid 99 cents each (my manu's were actually for another line of Quaker but I had asked another double coupon week and they took them because they don't carry the other line at any of our area stores)
used $5/$50 coupon I got from electronics department that of course expired yesterday but the front register let me use (he had to ask the service desk manager and she said it was okay). My original total was $58.xx after coupons I paid $11.xx OOP.


Precious said...

Fantastic job Melissa on everything! I placed an order with my target to get those ham steaks.

Jennifer said...

Hey girl!!! Nice deals!!! I have so much to post that my head is spinning!! I've been sooooooooooooooooooooo busy!! I'm hoping to get my stuff posted SOON!

Lisa B. said...

Great deals! I havnt been to target for a while, I need to go this weekend.

Angie said...

Great Deals. The Kmart closest to me is having double coupons this week. I'm trying to decide if it is worth the drive and fighting the crowds in Branson MO.