Saturday, December 13, 2008


Governor Rod Blagojevich Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm from Illinois.. which means that the whole blagojevich thing (if you had not heard yet Illinois' governor has been arrested for an array of reasons) has been part of daily talk in our state for the past few months.. now it's part of daily national discussion. Of course, with the new president elect being from Chicago as well, I'm feeling our area is under a microscope and all the media is here day in day out. Not that this shouldn't be national "talk" it's just that CNN and MSN picked up the story within minutes! It was insane.. anyway.. I just wanted to make some light of this horrible situation and remind everyone to watch Saturday Night Live tonight. I heard they are doing a few Blagajevich jokes or maybe a skit? Should prove to be pretty funny considering the guy is an obvious DOOHHHH!!

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Jennifer said...

He just looks like an idiot....don't you think?????

Precious said...

What he alledgedly did doesn't surprise me knowing Chicago and IL politics! I think we are going to be hearing about this for a long time. I believe that he is so arrogant he will not quit and if they force him out, he will take a lot of people with him. Probably a good thing for Chicago and IL in the long run!