Monday, December 22, 2008


Went to CVS with $40.92 in ECBS and left with $59.97 in ECB's.. I spent $3 of my own money out of pocket and I barely used any coupons!! I wasn't prepared at all.. just wanted to go to roll what ECBS I had that were going to expire the 27th.

My CVS was substituting many items as long as it was either the same price or less and a comparable product. So this is what I wound up with. LQQk at the HUGE Listerine's I got!! wow. I wish I had brought coupons.. I also wish my dumb butt would have actually looked through my CVS envelope I had with me because I had a few CVS coupons I could have used.. doh!! Anyway.. I'm not feeling like listing out all the prices.. but basically I did two transactions so I could use a $10/$50 for the first transaction and a majority of my original $40 in ECB's.

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whoo hoo they played the Packers so that's awesome for Chicago!!

I miss all of you! My new/old job is VERY busy so I've been working a ton.. which is good and bad. I'm salary now so no OT but it's good because we need the work to keep us open and keep my job so I'll take it!

If I don't post again before Christmas, have a wonderful holiday everyone!!


Precious said...


Happy Holidays to you too!

Lisa B. said...

Happy Holidays! Keep up the great hounding.

Heather said...


And go, Bears!!!!!

Lindsay said...

Glad to see you posting again! :)
We missed you!!!!

Have a wonderful holiday sweetie!!!

Robyn said...

Ok....I have to ask! We have the same CVS--as you probably only live a few miles away from me (new backyard). How do you know when CVS is substituting items? I went to the CVS closer to me early in the day on Monday. Many items were gone, but I didn't worry too much because I was going to the one in LIH later. They had NOTHING--I bought muffins for the long drive home...but that was it! So, how can you tell when they are subbing? They did have their rain check pad out, but I'm too new to this to even go there! ;) Happy holidays to you!