Thursday, February 19, 2009

no more pasta?

what? I was buying pasta 10-12 boxes at a time for less than 50 cents a box or even free some weeks during the summer. I grabbed the last box tonight! I can not believe I've blown through all that pasta. To make matters worse I held onto SEVERAL great coupons for pasta waiting for the next big sale and they expired! *sigh*

anyone got any good pasta deals I could get in on?


Hadias said...

If you live near a Publix they have pasta BOGO FREE

Final price $0.69 per box w/o any cpns.

Hope this helps. I am in need of pasta as well.

Also, Kroger has pasta for $0.98 a box if you don't have a Publix.

Finally, I believe that Walmart is cheapest if no sales are available.

frugalsuz said...

I was thinking the same thing! I'm down to a couple of boxes and it got me thinking that I haven't seen a good sale in a while.

What Color Is My Hair This Week? said...

I am low on pasta and frozen veggies and there just has been a huge lack of sales to go with the sad coupons I have for it. Actually in my opinion the sales and coupons have not been too great lately, maybe I have just been lazy.

If you want to check it out I am having a give away on my blog.

Chicagolandia said...

Some stores take expired coupon in our area. Try Ultra, Jewel, and even Dominicks. Ultra just took 6 expired winetag coupons for $2 off any cheese purchase....and those expired last year!
I bet the free pasta was from Meijer? I miss that sale. I bought 45 boxes in one trip! I still have some left, but I'm looking for the next big sale.

Lisa B. said...

I'm waiting for the next sale also. I think I have 3 boxes left.

Otherwise, I buy mine at Wal-Mart also.

Chicagolandia said...

If you want some free beans, print off some Wild Harvest organic coupons, head over to Jewel, and get black, pinto, or garbanzo beans for the price of tax! I grabbed 2 cans for $.03.

Precious said...

Hi Melissa,

I think what we are seeing is a supply and demand issue. Now that prices have sky-rocketed on most foods and a lot of people are out of work or living on a sheostring, people are eating more pasta instead of meats, chicken, veggies etc. So when the demand is up, the manufacturers have no need to put the pasta on sale or issue coupons.
Just my $ .02!

lin said...