Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Radio Shopping Show

RADIO SHOPPING SHOW If you live in the Chicago area check out this site. They have some AMAZING deals on everything from dinners out to Golf and everything in between.. car washes, oil changes, mini golf, and it changes from week to week. I always forget about this show but then this week a friend got a great deal so she could take her kids up to Wisconsin Dells for 4 days for under $100!! Some of these deals can't be beat! *if you don't live in the Chicago area I suggest searching the net for another radio shopping show.. I saw on google it popped up Vegas amongst other places.

I had written this post back in February outlining Smart Circle.

Also, I really love RESTAURANT.COM they do deals from time to time where they sell their certificates for 80% off. Be careful to read all the fine print as you don't want this WARNING situation to happen to you. Basically I didn't see it was a dine in only coupon and of course they wouldn't honor it even though the pizza was made when I got there. I offered to sit down and eat a piece and then have the rest wrapped to go.. no go.


PoorMom said...

The one in vegas is great. If you are planning a trip here jut listen online and you could save a ton on your vacation !