Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I need help finding 2 home items!!

Can you help me find the best deal on both these type items. First off, my husband decided to bake a Calzone in our toaster oven a few nights ago. This morning I made some pop tarts and it started a grease fire. We needed a new toaster anyway, BUT now that I'm looking at toaster ovens on line I seriously have no clue where to start. I want one that is large enough to put a pizza in and is easy to clean.

The second item is a cable modem. Our cable modem is older than 6 years old. It's finally on the fritz. The one we have right now we basically got for free from Radio Shack. They were doing a deal where you buy the modem for $39 and you got a $50 gift card back in the mail.

Okay. I use ebates, mypoints, mrrebates, and cashbaq so if you can find a deal that would be even sweeter using one of those or another rebate site have at it!

Thanks in advance.


Chicago Garden said...

Not really a coupon kind of answer you're looking for but I got a kick ass toaster oven from A.J Wright a while back and it was only $20.00

Anonymous said...

http://momssave.com has a service for just that . You should check it out, it's right on the left side of the home page.