Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter trumps hounding

yeah.. so I had a full day of lunching with girlfriends, wedding planning/shopping (for my girlfriends wedding), then a tastefully simple party.. so I figured after the TS party I would run out to CVS and do a few shops. I actually NEEDED a few things that were good deals this week. Unfortunately I wasn't prepared so I came home from the TS party and quickly put together my coupons and wrote up my "plan of attack". My son who just started driving needed some "night driving" time so I grabbed him and off we went.. and off we went.. and off we went.. and off we went. Yes we stopped at 4 yes count them 4 CVS's all were closed. Super Target was closed and every pizza place was closed (I had promised my husbands poker buddies some pizza on my return) it seems that not only does Easter shut down every CVS early (even the locations that used to be 24 hour locations which have now changed?) but also you can not order pizza and have it delivered to your car which is 10 feet from the pizza places front door. Apparently they have to deliver to an address, "yes can I give you my address, you make the pizzas, and then the delivery guy can walk to my car and deliver them?" NO.. hmmm what recession?